How to promote the film website

first statement this is not to teach you how to promote the development of your movie website, just want to discuss with you how to promote the film owners, welcome you to describe your point of view.

now the Internet is more like a movie on the earth. Why are there so many Internet Movie websites? Because people know that, compared to the movie website in terms of traffic and other types of sites, is the most prominent, often a relatively good movie website traffic than other types of the same quality of the site is three times higher or more, why such a big fat not to rob? More and more people saw this fat, more and more people come to rob, after is the number we see a sharp rise in movie website. I would like to ask is in such a situation, we want to make the movie website bigger and stronger webmaster how to deal with, how to develop their own website?

1, crazy recruit links

just built small, no PR, not included in the amount of high quality website who is willing to exchange with you? Unless he is a very liberal adsense.

2, post, write soft

movie website, post? Please send what post? What kind of soft film?? the film about it? If you write out, finally will say, I don’t write for people to see.

3, Baidu "know" answer questions

May I ask you a

movie website webmaster, you’ve seen a few, dozens of, hundreds of movie? That time just finished watching a movie called "remember, wanted to simply describe the content and then ask the name of this movie, just put another account on, have enthusiastic people who have write in the following answer gonggongzhengzheng.

4, email

who to send? The mailbox name good remember so much, just send it, as long as the past, mailbox inside the link to our site, will certainly come to the point of curious, even 20:1, traffic is also 1. Good idea, who thought who sent it.

5, brush flow

There are many brush flow software

on the network, free also many, find a computer, open, brush. Don’t try to say, this is the fastest way to improve traffic flow, go up, go up, see a webmaster, can straighten said my station every day 6000IP, and other webmasters want your PV, look at your PV, 6000 IP, 7000 PV, what is the value?

6, under the net to promote

find the nearby cafe, the cafe owner to some of the costs, they let the browser home page set for his movie website, do not open a browser, there is a traffic, a day down at least thousands of traffic it. But you know, a cafe although there are tens of computer, access to the network, the IP is a, >

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