Discussion on how to do micro business marketing

mobile Internet is the real Internet, and WeChat is the representative of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet products are also the largest user of the product. So WeChat marketing has burgeoned, see some WeChat marketing articles often earning Jiwanji. I personally think that WeChat is just a tool, the nature of marketing and not much change, how to make good use of this tool for everyone to make money?

first, seize the opportunity to

can not see the opportunity of the people, the station to their own point of view; see the opportunity to the people, the terminus to other people’s point of view. A person can not easily make money, often not their own ability, but psychological problems. Because most people always feel that they have all shit is not worth the money, because they always stand to their point of view, but did not know others to think in terms of the value of information asymmetry, so they did not take the first step.

I believe that every ordinary person’s WeChat, there are hundreds of friends, think about what you can provide them with valuable services and products, brave to sell, and give a negative risk commitment. Is in accordance with the average conversion rate of 1%, you can at least one day more than a single transaction, please immediately executed, the results will definitely be higher than this ratio.

two, increase the quality of fans

the first step: design temptation. Remember, sales are like love, the most useful way is not to force the pursuit of hard, the key is the core of temptation, so, want to attract users, you must learn how to design the temptation, how to operate it?

a word: want to get, you have to give! For example: we learn marketing, the most important thing is to grasp the secret of the human nature and the idea of making money. Today I send you a mystery books eBook: "enterprise network marketing idea"

second step: promotion. The quickest way to do promotion is not bitter, but to learn how to effectively use. So, how to leverage the


(1) borrow fame. To take the initiative to cooperate with famous people, how to cooperate with you, for example, you write a celebrity interview, the other side of the account, of course, will put your account, written, the other will certainly help forward. So many of his fans will see the article because the initiative to subscribe to your WeChat public account. Of course, you can also direct money to buy directly, so many fans to recommend you, many of his fans will immediately become your fans.

(2) borrowing activities. For example, today the more than 1 thousand people, although I only speak off 20 minutes, but after that, there are at least hundreds of people will subscribe to WeChat account add my site, and still high quality crowd.

(3) by the media. Write articles, multi site, the more spread, subscribe to your natural more. For example, in the past month, Qin Gang planned to write a few articles, he brought thousands of WeChat friends and subscribers. Of course, the article to write, need to have skills >

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