How to do a good job of personal website hype

website content is king, when do the website content, to get traffic, is not enough. The original site is important, but the original things sometimes can not be able to get a high flow, he can only give a good impression on the search engine. Do SEO can also get high traffic, but SEO is a very broad topic, here do not discuss. So a website how to hype it?

What is the role of

hype site is very simple, the hype can maximize the convergence of Internet users to achieve a large amount of attention in a short time, so as to achieve the accumulation of traffic. If the site is more than a few events hype up, you want to fire the site is not good.

There are many kinds of speculation

website, we will explore this very profound knowledge, you have a better way, welcome exchanges and guidance.

one, is to use the network hot events hype. The recent events what ah ah brother very much, this gives us a good idea to do. What hot what we hype, what hot what we do. Make a special topic for these hot events, collect all relevant content, do fine. This brings the flow I want to be self-evident, do people naturally clear. A pornographic door three words have to feed a lot of stations, so many owners earn a pot full of pots full. Therefore, for the network hot events, we do not be afraid of competition, you can not do a detailed in-depth do fine, but your site must have such information!

two, with the left and Bo were the site of speculation. This effect is good for the forum, manufacturing topics themselves, then to manufacture their own topic with attacks vest, made anti counter point of view, the more extreme the better, and then return to attack their vest. Forum to create such events, can cause a high degree of concern. This is my experience before doing some of the forum. Forum no hype, depending on the search engine, or not healthy development.

three, nothing to find out for speculation. To other people’s blog, attack the views of others, of course, such attacks are not directed against the human body, is only a point of view of the proposed counter. However, this approach is easy to cause others to retaliate, once attacked by people who can not afford such pressure, it is possible for you to maximize the counter attack, this time you have a certain psychological endurance.

four, manufacturing event. This is a high level of speculation, through false news hype themselves, this is usually with the help of the media hype. Think of the entertainment industry, many star why sometimes make negative news, but they also want to attract attention, so as to achieve the purpose of hype his; think of Sister Lotus, netizens are not in the eyes of the negative news? But we all know the four words Sister Lotus, this is the successful speculation.

five, in the forum or news or blog published extreme views. In this way, it is easy to arouse the strong concern and refutation of others, so as to achieve the purpose of speculation. >

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