How to effectively use blog marketing


blog has become an integral part of the Internet era, we at leisure communication platform. Blog marketing has become an effective way of marketing promotion. How to effectively carry out the following to share with you to explore.

a positioning blog

positioning blog name: the name of the blog is like a brand, so in the selection of positioning is to pay attention to. Select the time must highlight the theme, so that people can see the industry to see. For example, I do network optimization in Ji’nan, the name of my blog naturally contain Ji’nan SEO inside.

blog location: if you want to attract more attention, so our blog will have their own characteristics, which will test our writing and writing style, as long as not too bad on the line. Can share their own experience and skills in the industry, you can also express their personal views on the news of the industry. As long as the quality of the article, as time passes, it will be someone to see, and then reproduced our articles to other places, invisible to play a good role in promoting the natural, attract more people.

two, registered blog

wants to have a good propaganda effect, so propaganda node to, to promote multi node, to register several different blogs, because different blog platform will have their own independent user groups, here we recommend several current famous blog platform: Sina blog, blog, blog NetEase Sohu Baidu space, news blog, blog, blog, Google blog, blog world, network blog, China….

three, Bowen writing

in our blog, we should take into account the article is for the public, so the terminology and words in the article should be avoided, because some people of this industry is not very understanding, then see a string cannot read the term, there will be no interest to continue reading, perhaps after all not again at. Some people write articles only focus on the quality of content, regardless of whether the layout of neat appearance, if it looks very messy, do not pay attention to the application of piecewise, whitespace and punctuation, it will also affect the mood of reading, that is "professional user experience". At the end of the blog, be sure to specify certain original, reproduced please indicate, this sentence is very important, or else someone else to go, and finally not many people know that you write, it also promote what.

four, promotion blog

regardless of whether their blog has a reputation, to promote the blog is an indispensable step in the blog marketing, the following is the promotion of practical techniques.

exchange friends chain: the exchange of friends is also an increase in the user access to the entrance, squeeze out a little free time every day, and the exchange of friends in various industries.

resource relationship: if there is a network editor or web site operators, then you can ask them to publish their articles on the site. < >

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