Ten years of experience to tell you how to do nternet Marketing

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of June 2016, China’s Internet users reached 710 million, the size of mobile phone users reached 656 million. This set of data is sufficient to illustrate the Internet rampant in the development of the modern Internet is so fast, who can catch this downwind who is the winner.


in recent years, more and more enterprises begin to attach great importance to the Internet from the identity of Internet marketing, then the problem appeared! If you really mastered the method of Internet marketing, Internet marketing brings real benefits for the enterprise? I think otherwise, most of the enterprises due to "follow suit" or lack of knowledge of Internet marketing on the Internet. Only put no return, so that the Internet marketing has become the burden of the enterprise. Need to change this situation, we must attach importance to the study of Internet marketing knowledge, today I’ll tell you how to do Internet marketing.

simplify the process of Internet marketing: website construction – to promote drainage – service transaction – after sales maintenance

website construction


through Internet marketing, have a line with their own corporate image of the website is inevitable, it acts on the Internet’s role is similar to the reality of life in the storefront, the Internet is an important way for users to understand your business. We can publish the latest products, services, information, contact information, and other important information in the company’s own website. Web site construction is the foundation of Internet marketing, be sure to pay attention to, if the foundation is not good, will be directly behind the marketing. Because this is a technology live, most enterprises are looking for professional construction company, according to their own budget, select the appropriate site of the company to cooperate in such a sentence: "the high-end site was looking for Jiangnan Wangmeng, the template site is Taobao." Now big to small listed companies to individuals, have their own website, if you do not have their own business card printed on the site, will give the customer a very low feeling.

promote drainage

sites do look good, no one is blind, we need to find ways to allow users to browse our website, which is called the "flow"". There are many ways to drain, here I only summarize several very practical methods:

1, website optimization: the site for SEO to achieve the natural ranking of search engines, so as to get the industry keywords flow. This is one of the main ways to promote small and medium enterprises, are free to promote the class, need to master a certain SEO skills, is one of the important ways to promote long-term stable development of the site. SEO knowledge can all the relevant websites for learning, such as: A5 business network, such as Jiangnan Wangmeng have opened the relevant column. Advantages: low input costs; disadvantages: slow effect time.

2, Baidu bidding: I believe we are not unfamiliar with this, you search a keyword in Baidu, ranking some of the information

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