The electricity supplier price war revelation let the others for their marketing campaign

Jingdong in the 6.18 anniversary boasted to a history of the most brutal price war. The price war has entered the third quarter, the price war intensified, Suning Gome price frenzy, Jingdong is not the "three years of the true mingled with the false, zero margin" really can achieve. During the price war, price war, these three words household names, but also attracted a lot of people online shopping. Regardless of the price war is false is real, their marketing campaign has reached the effect. And the price war to our enlightenment is, let the others for their marketing campaign. Let’s look at how large enterprises can let others give their own marketing campaign.

micro-blog war, to attract users to forward

Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electricity supplier giants in the price war, take full advantage of micro-blog’s social platform. Micro-blog’s identity of all kinds of users, there are entrepreneurs and civilians, war on micro-blog, speak, is caused widespread concern in the community. Micro-blog, CEO, official business is mainly responsible for a micro-blog will have a large amount of forwards, competitors are certainly not silent, in response to micro-blog, this event will expand, attract more people’s attention. This is also a large number of mutual promotion between micro-blog events.

high-profile action, media coverage of

The great attention of

large enterprises will be every word and action by the media, is also a high-profile work as a way of publicity. In the price war, a lot of electricity suppliers involved, Jingdong has always been a high-profile work, so many people know that the price of zero margin Jingdong, Amazon’s move in the price war is not so clear. In fact, some of the electricity price is lower than the Amazon Jingdong. Since the price war since the Jingdong, Gome, Suning, Dangdang CEO has not been idle, all kinds of large or small speech news broke, even a word will also in the special period by the media depth of mining. Media reports focusing is the main way of publicity, not wantonly advertising, only slightly reveal enterprise actions and ideas, it attracted media attention, let the media for their voluntary and active marketing campaign.

for the opponent, mutual concern rally

industry will have some competition, actively fight in the market competition, pay attention to the opponent’s actions, and make a move against rival speech acts, can let the competition heating up marketing. Jingdong set off a price war, Suning through the three anniversary and the Jingdong compete together with the protagonist, this dispute did not know the price is really in the fall, but in the vast momentum up. In a certain period of time, all eyes are on Suning and Jingdong, their mutual concern and response, staged scenes, giving each other again marketing campaign.

, celebrity guests, speech

celebrity for marketing has always been very important, let the others for their marketing campaign of course is no less famous. For large enterprises or some of the important industry trends, celebrity sensitivity is generally higher than ordinary people, some celebrities will write some articles or by the media

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