SMS is dead Do cloud communications a year sales of one hundred million Liu Dalin some entrepreneuri

Archimedes said: "give me a lever, I can move the earth", in Liu Dalin’s eyes, the Internet is such a can move the lever of the earth.

social software in place of text messaging today, Liu Dalin think SMS service is not dead, but also because of the progress of network technology, the rapid reshuffle of the industry, with a better opportunity for development. He recently created the "clouds" of parent company made a Oriental million A round of investment, and try to move the traditional SP industry of the ball with the hands of the cloud.

career for the university to be practical, to practice

was born in Anhui province Dalin Liu, from childhood is full of infinite imagination of life science, that is to overcome many cruel disease discipline, so the University of biological Department of biological engineering major in East China University of Science and Technology. But then he found the professional does not have its own imagination so simple, want to go to graduate school, otherwise it can switch.


Cross disciplinary

"I’ve always wanted to go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to read biological and computer, but I didn’t get the recommended foreign qualification, at the same time, do not want to waste time to grind, also do not want to go abroad, so we chose to graduate."

to switch at the university to lay the foundation, compared to other students in the exam which false certificate, Liu Dalin to many, a university will focus on the Internet, and began to practice: begin to do a website is a sophomore, and then participate in the ACM computer programming contest and the International Mathematical Contest in modeling.

The two

contest to let him get a real experience: the spiritual level, computer contest let him know many expert, let him believe that hard work can produce miracle; substantive level, mathematical modeling contest that he learned to make a rational analysis on the world from the angle of mathematics, "there are many ways to solve the problem, more dimensions and depth of thinking, more easy to find a better solution."

access to wealth from the game, Dalin finally determined to go to work on the Internet, as the reason why the Internet industry is very interesting, and will not be so quickly eliminated. At the same time, it is not a high threshold of entrepreneurship, it is possible to achieve wealth freedom, I was thinking that the Internet can work with a few years of work experience in the field of money and industry to do the biological field."

graduate of the two major gains in the Internet Whampoa  military academy details and overall situation

after graduation, Liu Dalin went to work for the Tencent. Internet Co, I think Tencent is the most promising. When I was on the University of the search engine technology research is more, so the interview is the search Department of Tencent. But then I was recruited into the innovation center, Tencent community product development."

in the eyes of Liu Dalin, before the search is pure technology research, but to do the community to think more from the cultural level. This work experience allows him to learn a lot, on the one hand, the style of the Tencent is a comparison

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