How to use a start-up company Look at Li Jiacheng is willing to promote the 10 kinds of people

Abstract: self-confidence; high efficiency; flexible minded people; adventurous, assertive person; abandon the "face" of the people; not complacent, industriousness and stamina people; those who are good at seizing opportunities; people cherish the time; vision, insist; summed up the habits of people.


Li Jiacheng is different from ordinary Chinese businessman, he is not only in the business, but also in the management. Especially in the aspect of human resource management, there is his originality.

in the use of the people, the core idea of Li Jiacheng is "the Yangtze River is not the small streams", "tolerance". He said that if today, if not so many people work for me, even if I have superhuman powers, there is no way to cope with so many things.

so the key to success is to have someone who can help you and be willing to work with you. I like to use the following 10 kinds of people:

1, confident person

confidence is a beacon to success. No matter what you do, you have to believe in yourself and believe that you are the best and the best.

2, highly efficient person

efficiency is essential to the survival of today’s social conditions, only the high efficiency of the people can stand out. As at the same starting point, the fastest end is the winner.

3, a flexible person

learning is good or bad, and the money is totally different. The book reads well, the work is not necessarily good, out of society, but also need to be flexible, only smart people will slowly find out a suitable way of survival.

4, adventurous, decisive person

life itself is an adventure. Did not dare to take risks, risk is the greatest opportunity for a long time did not come on! If you head, then you need to create their own creation, is actually the adventure itself, and then seize the opportunity, decisive, with courage on the success of


5, abandon the face of the people

when you put down the face to make money, you have to understand; when you earn money when you face, you have been a success; when you can make money with a face, you are the person; when you are there drink, do not know what is pretend to understand, love only when you face, that your life will look like this.

6, the

people are not complacent, industriousness and stamina

"three meals a day full, hot Kangtou his wife and children, holding a lifetime" a secure job ", never an opportunity to make money, enough on the line, why so much money," this sentence is those who do not earn money people encouraging "famous".

7, people who are good at seizing opportunities

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