Analysis of account structure ability to determine the success or failure of the train

last week I hired train promotion a train for half a year of experience for two stores, after a week of practice found that the people too much emphasis on the theory, everything is around the keywords to do, frequently called flow limited, need to add more keywords test and continuous optimization.

therefore, during the new brand, established a program that is mainly some sales of a single product, the main push in the direction of the quality promotion, also is the location of the Taobao home page on the bottom, you can also add a brand story, but the material is not LOGO and copy, must be white base products center. This way many businesses have Tucao, basic is the previous treasurer hot, the effect is very poor, finally chose to give up.

another plan is to do shop promotion, select the three dimensions, each small unit which added more than and 700 keywords, there are a lot of other brands, but also the system was rejected. Probably he is based on the two guide, think shop promotion can add 1000 keywords, so we try to use it.

The newly established

plan although the bid is not high, but the daily cost of nearly 300 yuan, while the price of the store is about 260 yuan, that is to say if these words are to test the effect, meet the minimum requirements for 1:1 ROI, roughly one count, thousands of words, at least need to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan. Although it is said to be conservative, but if each keyword does not give a certain amount of traffic, and how can be tested out the results of it!

in the promotion of the other single product and did not carry out the price increase, in fact, is the only way to promote the promotion of the brand before the second word price. And the effect of the new search crowd is also good, but the budget is not a lot of spending. But these methods are not very good promotion.

so, after the results of the analysis, I think he would just play the key words, and even the direction of the promotion and search the crowd will not play. In other words, there is no account structure concept, which is to do the biggest flaw in the promotion.

what is the account structure it is simply a question of how to allocate the budget, when to increase the budget, when to compress the budget. If the whole, is a year to give you 1 million yuan promotional fees, should be allocated budget each month, specific to each single product should be accounted for the budget, then the main push keywords or budget the main push of the way of accounting for how much, a class subdivision down, is actually the account structure.

For example, when

in double 12 in the shop, asked ROI to do 1:2, to ask how much the budget? This time is certainly the first to the last 11 double preheating and climax period of data analysis, and then put the highest ROI directional promotion budget allocation, while ROI is 1:4, but the actual cost is accounted for 10%, and then search the crowd ROI 1:5, spending accounted for 20%.