Online shopping 7 days return nearly 7 customers difficult

yesterday, according to a survey published in the United Protection Law Research Association, Beijing Association and other agencies, nearly 7 consumers enjoy online shopping 7 days no reason to return difficult, 81.61% of consumers believe that online commodity false propaganda phenomenon is still relatively prominent.

it is reported that the survey collected a total of 2295 valid questionnaires, participants in the online consumer goods or services purchased.

up to 67.32% of consumers said they tried to enjoy "encountered obstacles in 7 days no reason to return, 80.57% of consumers said the website set unfair standard terms are set threshold for 7 days no reason to return. The survey found that network operators unilaterally enacted a number of unfair terms of format, such as the contract goods are defective, only require repair or replacement, and can not return or discount; real difference with the agreed online photo, does not affect the use, consumers can not ask for return; agreed upon receipt of delivery, the Seller shall not be responsible for.

it is understood, although some of the network trading platform in terms of customer service to remind consumers, and make a disclaimer, but because the network name and QQ number is virtual, consumers buy goods or deceived problem, it is often difficult to find the network operator rights, and trading platforms tend to make a disclaimer on the grounds, as their own responsibility, so that consumers can easily fall into the dilemma of no complaints.

network management platform, there is no reasonable way to remind consumers to pay attention to the terms of the content. Such as deliberately small text writing, or in the textual representation, fuzzy and obscure, it is difficult to understand its meaning; will already be defined in terms of home deliberately placed on other pages, without explanation; set the hyperlink, making it difficult for consumers to pay attention, easy to ignore.

in addition, the phenomenon of false propaganda network goods serious. We found in the survey, part of the network operators on the functional properties of goods It is sheer fiction. propaganda, exaggerated effect, the utility model has the advantages of many, the appearance of images after processing, there is a big gap with the real situation." Association analysis of the relevant responsible person, online advertising is the main basis for consumers to online shopping, but only by browsing the web, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity and reliability of advertising information, so the network consumer’s right to know and the right discount even bargain.


survey shows that some network operators lure consumers to achieve the purpose of release is not the real commodity information on the Internet, such as exaggerating the product material, performance and efficacy, providing false price information, make false pledges. Some operators use consumer only through language description, pictures etc. to understand product information weaknesses in the propaganda with exaggerated rhetoric to sell non real shot pictures, fictitious transaction records or transaction evaluation, outstanding performance advantages, cover their shortcomings, so Yuan Benping often even inferior products, in the "packaging" after "on stage" fine, became a bestseller "".

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