Urgent need to establish a sound system of integrity of the industry the need for supervision mechan

November 23rd news, the State Post Bureau issued a number of opinions on strengthening the construction of the courier industry credit system. This means that the courier industry will establish a complete credit system, the regulation of the courier industry present dragons and fishes jumbled together. With the rapid development of electronic business, the courier industry blowout spread, due to express the huge demand, creating a variety of chaos. In addition to the pass, Shen Tong, SF express company strength, and every day, and speed small courier company. Whether buyers or sellers in the transaction process have to deal with the courier industry, resulting in a variety of disputes.


express service why consumers suffer long-term criticism

due to the high demand for domestic courier services, coupled with the lack of supervision and management of the courier industry, eventually leading to poor courier service. Such as violence sorting, courier lost and other situations have occurred, seriously damaged the interests of ordinary consumers. Consumers can only be considered unlucky, this is the root cause of the express service was criticized. According to the relevant existing laws and regulations, the buyers express parcel lost can only get a little compensation for postage. This is really unfair to buyers, if the value of the purchase of high, then the loss of consumers will be great. Courier companies in this regard can not shirk the responsibility.

express industry urgently needs to establish and improve the trust system

during the double eleven promotion section, often appeared warehouse explosion, the courier lost phenomenon, the express industry is indeed an urgent need to establish a trust system. The so-called trust system, naturally, the participation of consumers, courier companies once lost credibility, it lost the operational qualification. And to develop more detailed laws and regulations of the courier industry to protect the common interests of consumers and sellers. For example: in the express delivery process package damaged or lost, the relevant courier companies should be how much compensation.

some time ago to promote the real name system, but a lot of friends broke the news about the execution of some courier companies is not strong. Express real name system is the core of the review, rather than recording the identity card information, courier companies to implement the real name system, the ultimate goal is to ensure the interests of buyers. The same courier companies to establish a credit system is also true, but how to establish a trust system. The key is to establish a sound supervision mechanism, including the internal management and supervision of express companies, as well as the daily supervision of the relevant departments.

express industry to achieve self purification, Shentong, Yuantong express delivery enterprises must establish their own credit system. On the one hand to express personnel training, on the other hand is to improve the efficiency of processing orders, or will still be criticized by consumers. Not to mention again, to fast and good service, which is very difficult to do, not to mention the domestic demand for express service is too large. This article by the Beijing jewelry design training http://s.aelea.net/ original reproduced reserved address