Taobao shopping should be wary of buying

talking about online shopping, we will first think of is Taobao. Although there are many online shopping malls, such as Jingdong, pat, Dangdang, etc., but most people still choose Taobao. Taobao can be said to be the first Chinese influence the Chinese online shopping mall, we all like Taobao shopping. Taobao shopping, we buy is not just a product, but a mood, a kind of enjoyment.


speaking of Taobao shopping, we generally choose the store price is low, good sales, high reputation, delivery speed, good evaluation of the goods to buy. However, a lot of Taobao sellers in order to product sales, will always give these to fraud. Taobao brush reputation can be described as we are very familiar with, obviously know that almost all the credibility of the shop is brush up, but also do not want to buy a low reputation on the shop.

finished Taobao brush reputation, as the price can not be false. And sales have fraud, such as a mall price is 80 yuan, the price of the goods to be changed to one yuan, the number of goods to buy this will take up to 80. Furthermore, the speed of delivery, only to find some good courier, but also can not fake. The final evaluation of the goods, the majority of people believe that it will not be false, but many people have been deceived, which is also a major topic of discussion and Shao Lianhu blog today.

today at noon, I found my wife’s cooking pot burned out, can’t cook. Then I Taobao search on some cooking pot, want to buy one on the internet. I will search the induction cooker, according to sales to find a sell up to see the next. Description of the goods are not bad, the pot is beautiful, but also cheap.

read the description of the product, I will look at the product evaluation. As long as the Taobao shopping, in addition to sales, reputation, the most important thing I will look at the evaluation of the product, because the feeling is very real evaluation, but also the user after the purchase of the bottom of the heart should be no false evaluation. When I finished reading the two page, the pot was praised, and some photos taken after the photos.

read the second page, I am going to buy the pot, but I still see page three, this time I really stupid. For everyone to see the Taobao screenshot, as follows:


we look at the above comment, sales of the first pan, electromagnetic oven 1000 Watt pot surface to burn out, I really can’t watch anymore. I am cooking cooker is 2100 watts. In the afternoon, and cooking. It seems that the pot I really do not dare to buy, I think so much praise is that they return to the money for the three dollars and praise it.

reminds me of the situation before my wife in online shopping, then buy something sellers praise and then upload pictures can give him a few dollars, confirm the wife also pleased the praise, upload pictures, eventually return really gave her a few bucks, also happy. At that time I was thinking, how so many people began to use