Ali electricity supplier logistics Problems and Solutions


according to the operation mode of the business enterprise and the actual logistics service requirements Division, logistics services providers in general is mainly of three parts, one is the electricity supplier logistics department of Ali, the two is the electricity supplier logistics mode of Jingdong, three is a small boutique business logistics. I will be divided into three parts to analyze their respective characteristics and development, today I will first analyze the first part – Ali Department of electricity supplier logistics.

Ali electricity supplier logistics characteristics and problems

1, the volume of large scale and time distribution is not very uniform, a network of consumer goods to the peak, exceeds the number of running ability of logistics enterprises, the logistics service company or is paralyzed, or is the distribution time delayed indefinitely, and will lead to uneven distribution of logistics enterprises can not make the reasonable personnel structure in arrangement. The cost will not be properly accounted for, many companies in order to protect their own interests, not to increase the cost of accidents, or to a "critical" season, "reasonable" to reduce the operating efficiency, and it is these two points will seriously harm the interests of consumers;

2, the electricity supplier logistics delivery link dispersion, delivery frequency is high, and there is no rule to follow, this will give the logistics enterprises to take part in the difficulty and cost increase;

3, the distribution of electricity supplier logistics services than the general distribution requirements more diverse and strict. Diversity is reflected in the inspection process, payment collection, defective recovery, and strictly is reflected in the distribution of a wide range of business enterprise and required of commodity sales service quality must be reflected in the largest terminal distribution;

4, in how to improve the quality of electricity supplier logistics service quality of thinking, the electricity supplier companies and logistics companies have different ideas and understanding. There is no clear direction in the big direction, then in the actual operation, is definitely a lot of problems.

Ali electricity supplier logistics is the main focus of the problem, that is, the formation of customer goods in the logistics service requirements are random and no planning, so that there is no law to follow the logistics companies. When the goods are not in circulation with a suitable time and place, can not be targeted in the logistics services to improve.

if we can through the management and planning for commodity flow properly, to improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs? In the past and electricity supplier cooperation logistics enterprises mostly express enterprises, they still use the traditional view of logistics express operation, in the operation of electricity supplier logistics are only concerned about their own logistics operation level, such as the deepening of investment, expanding the network, improve service quality and increase the express service attributes, and didn’t pay attention to how management and planning how to correct the level of commodity flow. This kind of situation, like the logistics enterprise is on the high-speed road toll station, and the goods is high-speed road car, toll station just money and open the road, as car is what, in what way formation through the high-speed intersection he is not responsible for the management, that is the 20 car you are.