Jingdong global purchase business online business and selling will be 20 times the penalty


Jingdong global purchase business online: business and selling will be fined 20 times the penalty

[TechWeb] April 16th news reports, after Tmall, Amazon and other electricity providers started into the global cross-border electricity purchase business, Jingdong global purchase business also officially launched, more than 150 thousand kinds of imported goods of the first line of the brand, the number of more than 1200, more than 450 shops.

said Jingdong for fraud and selling, businesses, once businesses have found selling behavior, will be severely punished for breach of contract sales platform 20 times gold or $10000.

in the case of genuine security, consumers in the purchase process, there is no need to worry about customs, tariffs, transport or language issues.

is currently Chinese cross-border electricity supplier is mainly through the way of purchasing, in this regard, Jingdong said that in addition to directly from the self mode of overseas purchases, businesses can also direct overseas Jingdong global purchase contract settled through the platform model. (rain)

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