Taobao new lawsuit the most stringent new regulations sellers can not slack off

news January 4th, in order to protect the interests of consumers, will add to the seller fails to deal with litigation continued violations of the relevant market management rules, the rules of the change will take effect on January 10, 2017.


online business reporter learned that, previously, for some consumer litigation, the seller delay time, and failure to deal with litigation, damage the interests of consumers, disturb the normal order of online shopping market. In this regard, issued the "add the seller fails to deal with litigation continued violations of rules and other related publicity notice", defined the seller to idle violations and treatment measures in litigation.

It is reported that members of

, delay in disposal, negative coping situation, including but not limited to member fails to appear in court, the respondent and the burden of proof, and membership continued illegal situation, including but not limited to members during the proceedings not promptly stop the infringement, infringement still repeated released information.

in treatment of sellers pay attention on the change according to the rules, if members caused by the action of other member or third party lawsuit to the judicial organ, if the member has invalid links, or member fails to disposal, negative coping, or continue to violate the rules and other circumstances, the platform caused or may cause actual loss or adverse effects, can take control measures, limit the release of goods, store supervision according to the severity of the consequences produced or may produce all goods shielding temporary market.

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