Second tier brands of second tier cities vitality

  in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, you may already be familiar with many brands, such as Starbucks to drink coffee, go to the supermarket to buy some fresh Yonghui, look at UNIQLO shirt, or go to the Decathlon search outdoor products. These chains are characterized by good quality, and the price is relatively acceptable.

, however, when you return to the second tier cities in the new year, you may not find any of the shops above, because they do not have a local branch. However, this situation is changing. The eleven Changchun back home, are catching up with the newly opened UNIQLO, Yonghui supermarket, and Starbucks opened soon, to feel the atmosphere in line with first-tier cities.

second tier cities spending power

second city nature is a people who have a lot of money, we can call the nouveau riche, nouveau riche is not subject to geographical restrictions, want to buy what to buy what. The majority of people in the local activities, spending power is generally lower than the first tier cities. The consumption ability is low, but the price is acceptable for some products, still have the purchasing power, but will reduce the relative frequency of purchase.

generally speaking, the purchasing power of young people is much higher than the elderly, and the characteristics of Beijing and other cities, that is, many young people’s parents are not around, so the consumption is not scruples. In the second tier city is different, a lot of young people and their parents, the parents have been spending every little bit of "care", wasteful spending must style a lot of convergence.


from each second city now — the largest traffic jam problem, we can see that the consumption capacity of the family can still, a car as a means of transport, other quality of life related content will be gradually put up.

several brands of second tier cities trip

13 years in September 26th, from eleven in less than a week, Yonghui supermarket in Changchun opened stores, a total area of nearly 13 thousand square meters, the high-end air quality. A few days later, Yonghui a yuan a catty price started potatoes sold at the door square, suddenly rush to consumers. There are Changchun Carrefour, WAL-MART, but with the price of fresh plain Yonghui ratio, may not have what advantage, local residents can buy durian entire, plastic bags is also very strong…… In Yonghui, hobbled walking people pick vegetables when you do not see the slightest fatigue, eyes shining.

in August 16, 2013, UNIQLO in Changchun, four shops with, are the core values, this is the practice of uniqlo. It is said that just opened when the Northeast youth showed expansive side, a suitable clothes, five pieces of different colors, the price is not high enough and the amount. And I also went to one of them to experience the atmosphere, found a lot of people is to turn out empty handed, it also need time to let the local consumers, after all, a shirt 199 yuan, and sometimes a local discount will be 300 yuan down jacket. However, with the advent of winter, wearing comfortable, warm and other characteristics, it is possible to word of mouth

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