Zong Ning Ali, the field of electricity providers to bring second segments


mobile Internet era is fragmented, fragmentation means not what mode can be a single large, many small market will meet some specific needs for living flavorfully, no longer like before that giant will easily be crushed to death. This is the natural reason for the entrance is scattered and dispersed users, and this area is the second wave of electricity supplier segmentation.

Jingdong Ali after the listing, seems to have no electricity supplier in the field of what suspense, properly to the two dominant, with an individual, the other is a vip.com, the other basically not what happened. In this case, the electricity supplier network roll skin in February this year, harvest a 50 million yuan A round of financing, will make people quite unexpected, allegedly, the investor is Chinese manage capital letter venture and LIAN three investors, while the B wheel has just ended, it is also involved in the Sequoia capital.

ducks in the river becomes warm in spring, hot and cold industry is generally capital first, have capital began to enter the field of electronic business, then it has begun to show that this area began to get new attention, naturally brings new opportunities. Currently look at the source of this opportunity is the electricity supplier segments. Before we do electricity providers have a platform for electricity providers, there are vertical electricity supplier, the latter began quite fast, but in the end it was almost killed by the former. But this vertical electric business generally refers to the vertical category, and the same volume leather mesh can be regarded as a vertical electric business, but this is the price of the vertical vertical, basic 50 yuan ultra low price, and the vertical is to bring the user is vertical, low-end consumer electricity supplier. This is the low-end users save more, a month can also generate hundreds of millions of water. Had to sigh, to China the vast territory and abundant resources still retain many opportunities.

This model is actually

and vip.com is similar to vip.com’s sale mode is a wonderful power of the business sector, the user needs of the brand to seize two or three line through the two or three line is vertical in the vip.com brand. The two is not the same as the price of vip.com, or a little higher, the price low volume leather mesh heinous, positioning users also went straight to the 345 line to the user, can be said to be a cheap version of vip.com. The reason why the capital was fancy, there should be two main reasons: first, the integrity of the value chain. The whole value chain of the entire business model is relatively complete, one end of the business value, one end of the user value, from the model in line with the requirements of investors; second, the market volume is large enough. Low end consumer market business value is high, need to have a platform to undertake. Many types of domestic electricity supplier shopping guide platform, such as mogujie.com, the United States said it is similar to the style of the magazine, but the lack of a cost-effective start, similar to vip.com’s platform. Vip.com average customer price at around two hundred yuan, while the market has no interval of hundred dollars below the platform, "low-cost version of vip.com" volume leather mesh is cut from this focus on the low-end market with vip.com covering the formation of competitive differentiation.

at present, the operation of the skin net is not the same as vip.com

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