Xia Tao now the foreign trade electricity supplier should attach importance to integrated marketing

on the evening of April 28, 2011, the famous foreign trade marketing expert Mr. Xia Tao was invited to the exchange in the network classroom to do a "foreign trade e-commerce sharing" interview. In an hour, Mr. Xia Tao and Jiang Hui for the founder of the electronic commerce foreign trade made a wonderful interview, while Mr Xia Tao has provided several real cases, to the online audience on the foreign trade integrated marketing concept.

Mr. Xia Tao is known as "the first foreign trade marketing consultant", is China’s e-commerce professional managers registered trainer, well-known blog marketing practitioners, the famous foreign trade e-commerce missionaries. In more than ten years of foreign trade e-commerce practitioners, and more than 5800 foreign trade enterprises responsible for communication, for more than 10000 foreign trade enterprises to provide foreign trade marketing consulting services.

the beginning of the interview, Mr. Xia Tao’s online audience to concise and to the point introduces several commonly used methods of foreign trade marketing, introduces the application of search engine marketing technology, permission based email marketing technology, B2B marketing, marketing and other technology in the yellow pages of foreign trade.

he pointed out that many foreign trade enterprises to foreign trade marketing is only understood as B2B advertising, limiting its own foreign trade development. Specifically, the narrow understanding of foreign trade marketing for the purchase of B2B advertising, has been unable to adapt to the current foreign trade situation. Mr. Xia Tao reviewed the development status, nearly 10 years of foreign trade industry pointed out that before 2005, the purchase of B2B advertising can smoothly carry out foreign trade business is possible, after 2005, due to intense competition, enterprises can not rely solely on B2B, need special attention of foreign trade integration marketing.

in the interview, Mr. Xia Tao on the current situation of foreign trade marketing has done a very detailed analysis, and cited a number of cases. He explained in foreign trade of electronic commerce, especially introduces the foreign trade website trust, and to the concrete application to introduce the foreign trade enterprise integrated marketing, pointed out that only the website as a "Museum", has been unable to adapt to the new requirements of the foreign trade industry.

during the interview, Jiang Hui repeatedly host generation of online audience to Mr. Xia Tao’s question, the question relates to the field of electronic commerce in foreign trade aspect, Mr. Xia Tao with a large number of examples, from the shallower to the deeper, to solve.

finally, Mr. Xia Tao said he would organize a line of foreign trade training in May, and to the audience to recommend their own foreign trade blog, welcome to the audience to ask questions. (author: Su Dikang)

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