Buy site so that the owners quickly over million revenue

wrote an article yesterday that we buy a lot of Beijing parasol tree network to do a lot of personal webmaster came to ask us. Individual or small team can do a good job. I said I could. Today to write an article about it, simply say how to make small Adsense in seemingly competitive areas can also make money. Although we are now a big team, but the beginning of the operation is also a small team involved in. As for what we do, today is no longer here to say, you can check the last time I wrote the purchase of the Beijing parasol tree articles, some people say that we show off. QQ group 74122989

1, what is the basic characteristics of the group, how to quickly enter the webmaster.

model is to buy cheap goods or services + promotion = profit. One of the low price of the product is the most important buy, even if you have a good product promotion efforts are small, but also to achieve profitability. We did it early. As for the promotion here do not say, many webmaster are very powerful. May be a lot of webmaster to ask, how can we have a low price of products, talk about the commodity may be the most difficult. Mastered the market now buy some of the features and rules are easy to find some of the goods can be bought, and even get free stuff when the money to sell. For example, one day a group of former group is 3S lady, every man over 1 dollars you can have a chance of dating and women, the day out of 4000 group, second days group group results out of 2000 men left two days earned a total of 6000. And men and women have a blind date resources.

The rest of the

is to provide the venue, who will not buy something to buy a blind date, which businesses which businesses are happy, so you can also get a commission from the merchant. This is a train of thought, as long as the development of their own ideas to find online slowly have a lot of opportunities.

2, why the fierce competition in the market to buy the individual owners have a huge opportunity to earn quick money

a lot of owners may want to ask, buy the market is full of some large companies to invest in high competition, how can we compete with others?. In fact, this is the wrong idea. Buy the market is now the biggest feature is chaos, chaos on behalf of – Internet users on the brand’s products on the market and did not form a stable cognitive. Coupled with the current fashion model to buy this kind of mode, just add a group of words to buy a word to buy. This is absolutely the truth of the present market.

development of the Internet is not the same way? When the chaos began to have a lot of people have the opportunity, then the chaos of the small webmaster all dead. Now the chance of small webmaster less? Someone said a word, so business owners lack of consideration of ready-made piece of cake on it to cut a piece of absolute pity.

3, personal webmaster how to make money in the market to buy.

first of all, I think that if I really want to rely on this to make a lot of money must be sure to do. But now >