Webmaster must read six ways of website hype

If someone says that heaven can fall pie, who is not believe, but for China Internet at present, but many people believe what can fall, because the Internet is now in " " free lunch; meet the eye everywhere. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send apple " Lin " ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free " Jiangnan tour " to Ctrip supermodel tour, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of a variety of prizes in the final analysis is nothing more than a propaganda site to attract attention, but there is a big difference between the various activities, whether it is the mode of operation or activity. In this paper, the author divides them into six categories.

, a type of curry favour by claptrap

two, type of fishing.

is long term fishing, bait, which is a method used by most forum. This type of activities of the site is often a gradual increase in the benefits of bait to attract users to their own long-term website. This type of activity is the most commonly used to score the winner of the Internet users, such as investment in building the best in all the land through the jifenzhi to each post in the forums, netizens scoring, according to how many points will be divided into users, guests and patrons of VIP levels, and different levels of users can enjoy the "website