Sanosan charity bazaar burst of red, open a new direction of business marketing


father’s day June 15th, the famous German brand mother sanosan Sanosan carry out a "one yuan of public Chinese in scope, as a father of gas" event. As one of Guangzhou alone to take care of cerebral palsy son 43 years old father Peng Rihai fundraising yijuan. Because of this activity sanosan awarded Guangzhou ruoyuchen electricity supplier operating companies to control. The electronic business platform model based on Yijuan becomes more special, donors can be one yuan for unit donations, and accordingly, ten yuan coupons or twenty yuan coupons will get donors Tmall flagship store as a rebate, discount coupons can promote in the middle of the year during use, and the proceeds will be donated to the Peng Rihai & sons. Sanosan the public welfare activities caused widespread attention in various media. Sina’s Mr., pretending to be in New York, Pan Jinlian and other leaders are involved in the topic of diary. Activity related topics on father’s day of the Sina charity list to the top 10, 138 Sina total, more than 6 million people. To promote the June 17th day of Tmall years, sanosan in maternal and child care is one of the best channels, sales unpopular. I believe this and this event caused by social concern.

But behind the popular

, hello public marketing mode flash sparked some controversy. The netizen proposed, why not open a bank account and son Peng, let users to donate, or some other mode of fund-raising, but through to the shop to take goods? Through the consumption of public events to raise awareness of the marketing and marketing mode, to the end is worth advocating


the concept of public welfare for a long time, the development of public interest movement began to develop after the 54 campaign. It is now a more benign marketing tool. Especially the well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, will use public welfare to improve corporate image as the only proper course to take. But the electricity supplier industry, or less to the public as a way of marketing. Electricity supplier will always put most of the money into the drill or play price war, often ignore how to manage the value of the brand itself. On the brand itself and improving consumer awareness and reputation, will tend to increase the added value of products, increase sales, to achieve a virtuous cycle. Moreover, through the visibility and exposure of the enterprise itself, but also allows people who need donations into people’s sight, get more help to achieve a win-win situation.

The event based on

, we interviewed the Chinese online sanosan operating companies – if people responsible for aminister company they said, this time the sanosan Yijuan activities, not too much money, but the effect is surprisingly good. Not only for the promotion of the year to find a good theme, and corporate image has been greatly improved.

On June 17th Tmall

years to promote maternal channels, originally 16 evening ten o’clock should the sale links removed, but the hope of donors from various sources such as micro-blog WeChat reopened the donation page request, sanosan eventually cancel >

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