Jingdong to build business ecosystem, new international travel arrangements

recently, the Jingdong business department launched the "private building" and "incentives" and "employee purchase" the theme of the page, with the new mode of convenient Internet platform to build business cooperation, win more business customers. At the same time, the Jingdong business recently successfully organized many departments including the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong, the Jingdong responsible person went to Korea to participate in the purchase of South Korea Global Investment Conference "the travel arrangements, booking, visa, wine for the local official arrangement, South Korea local ground transportation, shuttle and other items, error free full provided quality service for the participants, highlighting the Jingdong business efficient execution, business professional and convenient services.

with the development of economy, the enterprise demand for MICE, business travel is increasingly strong, and more emphasis on service quality, price and features. For accustomed to offline purchases business, price, terms of service, and other aspects of the characteristics and advantages of opaque and not standard not only increase the enterprise procurement difficulty, but also reduces the efficiency of procurement enterprises in the conference, business travel, will eventually increase the purchasing cost, the industry needs a perfect platform to solve these problems.

2015 Jingdong group with business platform construction, with the strong support of data Jingdong, and the Jingdong in the field of electronic commerce comprehensive long-term accumulation of experience in customer service, with a new model of convenient Internet platform to build business cooperation, win more business customers recognition. Jingdong business platform with Jingdong of platform 400 thousand business users, will provide travel, MICE full package of services, platform through open, fair and transparent mode of operation, to promote the establishment of a new line of business ecosystem.

business travel service platform and the category involves incentive travel, meetings, meetings, travel around services etc.. For business customers launched around the city group to build the activities at home and abroad, the theme travel, family travel, travel, travel season bestie, send their elders to travel, as well as the main theme of the characteristics of flight + parent-child travel etc.. This is the enterprise to save the team construction spending, seamless docking with quality suppliers will meet the various needs of customers, and provide a more accurate and comfortable all-weather service experience, to meet the personalized needs of business users. In addition, after a comprehensive understanding of the various needs of enterprise meeting activities, Jingdong signed a large number of screening Royal Hotel and conference venues, and more business customers to carry out cooperation and contractors of various planning activities.

with the enterprise users in business services on demand business platform will grow with each passing day, the Jingdong of enterprise users, from the demand information, the whole process of implementation, procurement operations services, through the whole industry chain cooperation and cooperation agencies, travel agencies, conference exhibition companies, airlines, hotels and so on, bring the integration of product integration services high performance and excellent experience for users.

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