Wang Jianlin detailed Wanda O2O, Ma thing to good, the price


note: last week, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin has delivered a speech on the transformation of Wanda Commercial Real estate. In his speech, Wang Jianlin detailed interpretation of the cause of asset light transition Wanda and specific planning, and said the scale of the rapid expansion of asset light, but also have a marginal effect, a big advantage is the available resources for the development of Wanda O2O. Tiger sniffing has reproduced the speech. Today, hosted in Chinese Entrepreneurs Club 2015 Chinese green company annual meeting, Wang Jianlin shared some plans Wanda do O2O, but it was the same Ma repeatedly pressed. Tiger sniffing according to, Phoenix reported the speech content and quiz content arrangement excerpts are as follows.

Wanda O2O, Wang Jianlin said to do two things

Wang Jianlin said that the real estate industry exactly how to do the Internet is a new issue, Wanda O2O now do only a year’s time, not mature, is a simple exploration. O2O probably do two things, Wang Jianlin said, the first is to increase the line of consumer experience and stickiness. What is the feeling of increased experience, such as we now have four Wanda Plaza in Shenyang, may increase in the future more. Some go after, for example, there is a square full of cars, you have to find full, you may have to queue up for a long time. O2O may be found at home, you know this is no parking spaces, or you can reserve parking."

"and say we have some oil and gas projects, the queuing time is very long, he can make an appointment in advance Paihao, ahead of time so long. This type of research and development, there are already mature products, increasing the sense of experience. But poses a problem, this kind of increase experience project, all burn project, the direction of the company’s profit where, through more than a year of exploration, now we have to find a new one direction, to the Internet financial direction."

Why did

say to the Internet Financial direction, said Wang Jianlin, first, and now Wanda business is changing from heavy to light. "In the past, we held our own assets, or all the rent. Now we feel that there are a lot of investors, including our internal and external investors to invest money to us, let us be responsible for the design, construction, investment, operation and management, we have some money. From here we think of it, we are testing recently by a Internet Co of our own, may in the end of this month, or next month, issued a new financial products, the financial products investment into Wanda Plaza, Wanda Plaza, the annual rent, pink, to the Internet Co. He also left a little part of the profits to investors.

that this product is a kind of mode, this mode with China now in pushing the product to become public products, I believe that is one or two years, two or three years of investment products, the products can be infinite, a number of > last year

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