Taobao and shot fake serious violations will be deducted 48 points

news November 25th, the day before, modified the sale rules of identification and punishment of counterfeit goods, selling behavior further hit businesses.

new rules on the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods and the behavior is particularly serious, adding a judgment. If the same Taobao intellectual property protection platform users on the same rights to the same seller of continuous complaints three times, and three complaints are set up, will determine the complaint sellers to sell a lot of counterfeit and pirated goods. The seller will be deducted 48 points in accordance with the provisions of the complaint. also stressed that if the business has been repeated complaints within three days, even if the selling behavior is judged established, but only as a violation. The new rules about selling Taobao identification and punishment will come into effect in January 1, 2015, the content of the specific rules of change.


Taobao introduction, Taobao intellectual property complaints platform is provided to the holder of the intellectual property protection platform for the first time users need to register a new account in this platform. "This provides a quick way to solve the dispute of infringement. Taobao has been regarded as the core value of the seller’s wealth of intellectual property, but also the core competitiveness of the platform’s future development."

insiders pointed out that after the listing of Alibaba is bound to continue to solve the problem of counterfeiting and piracy. In particular, after a large number of international brands settled Tmall, Alibaba also need to maintain this part of the interests of the brand, accelerate the disposal of violations of intellectual property rights.

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