accelerated red child landing in 2013 sales of 3 billion yuan

Beijing, January 21, yesterday, Suning red children 2013 millions of pregnant mother baby love tour press conference held in Beijing, this is the beginning of 2013, and red child business collaboration after the first joint marketing activities, the two sides will work together to conduct a comprehensive development in maternal and child market, only the red child in 2013 will achieve remedial goal 3 billion. executive vice president Li Bin, COO Chen Shuang, red child "million pregnant mother" the title sponsor of Wyeth representatives attended the press conference. According to the red child COO Chen Shuang revealed that the four quarter of 2012, the red child achieved sales volume of 520 million, growth of 30% of the 3 quarter, bidirectional guide and red children, especially the rapid growth of the number of users to bring the red child, "only the fourth quarter red child on the number of users increased by nearly 1 million".

two-way business collaboration to accelerate the completion of the initial expansion of the red child area executive vice president Li Bin said that since September last year, and red children have carried out comprehensive cooperation in the supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution, customer service and service marketing interaction, on both sides of the maternal and child products sales have a greater role in promoting, the red child four quarter sales growth of 30% QoQ is very good confirm.


for future development, Li Bin explains, "Suning red children very much excellent management team, in 2013, Suning red children team not only won’t appear on the number of casualties, but plans to expand to about 3000 people, the existing talents in the team is the core foundation for future rapid development of Suning maternal business." Li Bin said Suning’s maternal and child market must be a team with the team to develop the team with the red child, the team’s experience and ability to highly complementary, to play the maximum effect. Chen Shuang also said that since September last year, the red child in all sides high-rise collaboration to promote the implementation, to get more resources to support Su Ning in the larger platform, thus the rapid development of deep confidence, believe that the red child can grow faster and better, employees can achieve greater value.

it is understood that the red child has been achieved in 2012 to achieve the transformation of the directory to the network sales, accounting for more than 90% single network, in 2013 the goal is to cover the scope of the national network sales. "In addition to the red child 8 branch current, 2013 will help the development of red child in the country, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Southern China and the northwest region, with Suning both sales network collaborative business development," Li Bin said.

it is understood that the red child Beijing area has all the logistics integration with, both sides of the deployment of a unified management, to achieve the 1+1> effect; 2, both to expand the scale and the distribution team, reduce operating costs. At present, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places of the red child warehouse is also synchronized preparation, is expected in February this year, the relocation is completed. " in the logistics distribution center of China nearly 100, fully.

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