Redefine luxury, not just price

Abstract: in 2015 the tide of large-scale price adjustment will be an important node in the transformation of luxury goods, from the moment the price announced, a new system is being re combed and built up.


April 8th, Chanel announced the news of China’s price cuts, became the push down the finger of Domino. Cartire, Dior, Versace, Patek Philippe and other luxury brands, TAG Heuer, announced in 20% ~ 5% China floating prices, and prices to europe.

is located on the road at the Chanel store, shopping people Paiqichanglong security to explain to the waiting guests: "the store more than a certain number of people will affect the other guest experience, please later." At the same time the Shanghai Plaza Chanel store, the store has no too many goods, people queuing out anxiously asked: "what bag?" "no, don’t wait! I want to buy a 2.55’s classic, out of stock, you still go to another store." This scene, before Chanel had used "the clerk Liu There was no parallel in history." to describe.

The inevitability of

negative growth in China

"OUTLETS" and "discount", Chanel, Louis, · Vuitton luxury brands such as Hermes strong attitude of decades consistently. The French Federation of Chinese boutique on behalf of Liu Zhao "commercial value" reporter said: "I entered the luxury industry from the beginning of 1990s, during this period, whether the euro exchange rate is rising or falling Chinese area never adjusted price of luxury goods." However, in the 30% to 40% higher than the European market price pressure, China luxury counters for more than a decade to become the "experiential" stores "guests into the store are basically looked good styles and prices, or try a good number, after Hongkong, to buy in europe." Chanel did the clerk Miss Liu recalls.

March 2015, Chanel will be the price of the news spread like wildfire. Liu Zhao was excited to say: Chanel initiative to cut prices if it becomes a reality, then it will become a landmark behavior. We go back 5 years later, the price cuts will affect the development of the entire luxury industry. If it is true, I will be very much appreciated, but also very much admire the way they do! Voice did not fall, in April 8th, Chanel will be close to 10 thousand yuan diving price to repay everyone’s guess.

according to Bain report data show that China’s domestic luxury market consumption in 2014 was about $18 billion 500 million, down by 1%, the first negative growth. Only in 2014, the Beijing luxury stores in addition to Shin Kong, China World Trade Center landmark, the size of the flagship stores, almost all of the store traffic decline as high as 50% to 60%. At the same time, luxury goods consumption outside mainland China rose by 9%, to $380 billion, accounting for about 30% of the global luxury market share. Such a number

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