Taobao C with third fellow sufferers micro mall

after the 38 National Women’s Ali Festival, after suffering end line business line and to torture small C, if you are careful consumers can be found in many product pages on the Internet yesterday, Taobao quietly added a "7+" logo, which is before talking about the "consumer protection law", in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers online shopping, the full implementation of the unconditional refund within 7 days, came into effect in 3.15, and in March 13th Taobao had already begun to implement.

7 days unconditional return small C tired plus push down

According to the data provided by the Taobao

"today, seven days and more than seven days return service will be rolled out in the Taobao store in large range, baby will be marked with the relevant 7 and 7+ logo, convenient for consumers to identify and select. From yesterday’s test until today, on the first day of the identity of the emergence of nearly 15 thousand Taobao sellers have committed themselves to apply for up to 15 days and return service. There are 3 million 860 thousand goods set up more than 7 days of return services, currently supports the "" and "7+" logo shows that the number of goods has reached more than 90% of the total, and is still increasing."

according to the contents of the new regulations, shall comply with category 7 days return policy, including apparel, digital products, home textile Home Furnishing and other popular goods, and consumers without justification, expect a wave of bad teacher occupation is raised, by the birth of a new wave of occupation. Store division, specially take "shop next door" goods, every day for fresh, a few days after you go back, then return the cost plus goods goods in the course of contacts, the loss cost pressure in the small C, if the son dies, who died. Even if Taobao responded to Taobao’s existing processes essential to maximize returns and the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of both, may also apply for the second intervention, only flies do not hover eggs, you lost something the police will help you to come back, but no one wants to be lost.

in addition, this year Su ningyun leader Zhang Jindong in NPC and CPPCC mentioned on "business tax" caused many small C are angry, first small C has no business license, no taxes, fake is always the object B shop were attacked as "the following, such as methods of expert in traditional tax a model, according to the Taobao store can take the network registration verification, transaction data provided by Taobao for the tax basis, the issuance of electronic invoices, Alipay tax mode, so as to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional mode of collection." Electricity supplier tax can be reduced to a certain extent, Taobao brush, brush sales and other acts of cheating, and in essence, will still increase the cost of small C shop, a direct impact on the B shop through the store drainage Taobao model. Plus Ali is seeking listing of the road point, also need to let outsiders see its determination to rectify. If the business tax really started in the dual situation inside and outside attack, small C survival increasingly difficult, the system will reduce the flow of Ali, which need more traffic entrance.

the same micro mall


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