Comments do not let Ali fake commandos fight a lone battle

Ali fake pictures from the network,

Yan Yang (media commentator)

electricity supplier crackdown requires the parties to form a joint force, "Ali fake commandos deserve. Electronic business platform and law enforcement departments cooperate with each other, consumers should also be actively involved.

December 28th, Alibaba group partner, chief platform officer Zheng Junfang officially unveiled for the first time. She announced that in fiscal year 2015 Alibaba overall no new employee background, again additional 200 employees "fake commandos, allied with the relevant government departments crackdown.

this is a good news. In recent years, China’s e-commerce has experienced a spurt of development, showing a thriving prosperity. But it is the so-called "carrots wash mud", developing too fast too fast, a lot of institutional construction will inevitably follow, leading business platform, Nishajuxia dragons and fishes jumbled together one of the most interesting, and most hated and most urgent problems, is the proliferation of fake. This statistical data will not be superfluous for online shopping, I believe many people have keenly aware of.

tolerance point, "development after the first treatment, maybe not. With the total scale of e-commerce market transactions in 2014 exceeded 12 trillion yuan, and is still growing at an annual rate of more than 20%, online shopping has become a lot of people’s way of life. To this point, is to find the clue, through his problems, cure disease, think about the future direction of development. If the blowout before the development of electronic commerce, thanks to the numerous "chop hand family map fresh, convenience, plan to save money, so now and then, people will be more to the pursuit of the quality of fake online shopping, more difficult to tolerate. No exaggeration to say that the problem of fakes flooding if not effectively resolved, once the consumer’s patience and confidence is lost, the development of electronic commerce will be unsustainable.

in this sense, the establishment of Alibaba "fake commandos, both show a responsible attitude to consumers, at the same time, it is a kind of self salvation. In the face of fake and shoddy, electronic business platform and consumers in fact, the interests of the community, their common enemy is fake, as well as all kinds of consumer behavior flicker.

electronic business platform for businesses and commodities settled regulatory responsibility, which is beyond doubt, and be confirmed by law. However, after all, is the enterprise business platform, there is no enforcement powers, "fake commandos more responsibility is to find the fake, beyond the platform outside the purview of governance can only report to the relevant authorities. Therefore, the results of geometric fake commandos, ultimately depends on the relevant departments of the crackdown. People certainly do not want to see, business platform report, and law enforcement departments do nothing, or just symbolic "drink three cups". Business platform in the discovery, screening of fakes has advantages, the law enforcement departments in the investigation, the fight against fake advantages, the two advantages of mutual cooperation, concerted efforts, fake nowhere to hide.

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