Jumei.com 11.11 extraordinary move Six Meridian Swords assists exciting play


On the eve of the 11.11

war, the electricity supplier arena infighting, eager for a fight, various tricks frequent, trying to seize the opportunity to win. Jumei.com "Six Meridian Swords" through the preheating opening, user benefits, stocking, brand promotion strategy, logistics layout, wireless experience six Du, wins the online shopping frenzy.

The first pulse


to join the desire to buy a single baby

‘s day morning to grab your favorite baby, clinging to the front of the computer, boiled panda eyes also can only look at "steal" three characters fell dejected. This November, jumei.com let you change the look, the first step in a quick shopping plan.

November 1st November 10th, jumei.com will open the whole category of preheating venue, consumers can put the right to join the brand of baby list in advance, in the double eleven day not to pick the "squandering charming eyes of the commodity and missed the greater surprise, joining the list and on payment before the user can get full return qualification, network traffic, order a surprise.

second pulse


card good time to grab a red envelope

stockpile before the first store of money. November 1st -11 month 10 days eleven double preheating period, every morning and evening 10 points to grab a red envelope, eye, winning a hundred percent, more luxury gift package. Users receive a red envelope, eleven days can be used. In this event, the United States and the United States opened a high-end cosmetics brand high recharge card business, more surprises hiding in the shopping process.

third pulse

to attack

big gathering, discount superimposed

that day, you are close to the big name. Elizabeth Aden, Sisley, SK-II…… I see the price on the legs of the international line of cosmetics altar, participate in full reduction activities in the United States – eleven activities, many beauty big battle, including Gucci, Givenchy, more luxury Burberry perfume debut.

fourth pulse

all-out attack

more category invites you to select


11.11, jumei.com removed the strength of the beauty activities, but also set up Home Furnishing, include clothing, bags, shoes, baby, outdoor and other 7 sales meeting. Different time to open different venue "price spike" panic buying, beginning in November 1st of preheating. The United States elite buyers with years of experience and keen fashion unique vision, a good selection of nearly two hundred brands for consumers.

fifth pulse

by surprise

wireless enjoy the game fun

United States and the United States mobile terminal tricks infinite, 1>

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