58 group layout will be more than ten cities Zhengzhou, Wuhan and other on-line

went to the end of the year, this year at the discount, discount, exhaust all the skills of diving, buy gifts and other promotional activities, more than major shopping malls and e-commerce sites, following Taobao’s Day Madden marketing, the network group purchase the city blossom everywhere, everything idle away in seeking pleasure or even less than 90 percent off. Just open the navigation group, 57 group, 800 group, pinch group activities of a series of a superb collection of beautiful things, a bomb.

buy navigation on the see: tuanp and E countries to buy navigation in the forefront of the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, Tianjin and other 10 cities. This interview is more mature, industry leading 58 group purchase http://s.t.58.com, head of Xu Guipeng said: We deep North of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Harbin has also recently launched in Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing heavy attack, at least 20 completed before the end of the layout of the city. Will continue to adhere to the quality and value of the strategy, and enhance the user experience and services for businesses to bring more consumer groups to match, through a good experience to achieve re consumption to achieve win-win situation, in order to sustainable development. At the same time, we will launch a series of new promotional activities, a very hot shock, is also expected to give users more new life experience. According to reports, the 58 group just bought in the new media festival, as the first group to buy the industry representatives of the top ten buy site to participate in the discussion to speak.

online shopping happy Mimi trendsetter introduction, until now we love online shopping, group purchase came to the city, all are still idle away in seeking pleasure, you can’t miss the value. But also to remind the early adopters of users, some small sites did not remind consumer or other credit problems, don’t try to save money for money dashuipiao. She also introduced a group purchase website is the basic experience: a big discount is very low, the two is their weekly leisure, beauty salons, idle away in seeking pleasure and staggered, regularly will push; meet the holidays like 58 group purchase, will launch a series of topics, wave after wave of people something to look forward to.

according to the third party China Internet brand, consumer behavior satisfaction survey: brand awareness and usage, satisfaction and loyalty in the top ten include Taobao QQ, Juhuasuan group, glutinous rice, 58 group purchase and handle, but also the Internet association and the electronic commerce credit certification center received the first batch of certified several. Analysts said: brand businesses choose to buy a large site’s website cooperation, is in line with the attitude of consumers, businesses and products, services, etc..

industry veteran introduction: the current group is divided into two major categories, independent buy network and large sites such as the group of 58, public comment, etc.. The 58 group is part of the country’s largest living classification information network of the city of, a congenital advantage for users, businesses and other win-win situation. Coupled with its community LED and DM, the level of tens of thousands of stations text messaging, user center reminder and other related resources to promote the spread of the two, the main target group is mainly management and white-collar, student groups have a lot of room for development.

related data show: 58 city has been in Tianjin >

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