BTAUTO 11.11 Trailer 0 yuan to grab half price, purchase of fifty models of Qi Liangxiang

in November 7th last year, car electricity supplier war won BITAUTO blockbuster released this 11.11 "Car Buying Carnival" on the same day the main activities of the notice: half price car, 0 yuan, 1 yuan candid, seckill panic buying copy price Madden activities for the first time. And the exposure involved in these activities fifty half price models. The official said, the day will also provide consumers with full payment, payment and other payment methods, and auto finance, second-hand car repo and other services, a full range to meet the different needs of consumers, enhance the user experience Car Buying.



preview page shows, on November 11th 0 points to open the first wave of panic buying, many explosion models 6 waves are released for 24 hours. Including the Infiniti Q50, FAW Mazda, Dongfeng Citroen C5, the Ford Changan Fawkes, dazzle GAC TOYOTA, dozens of hot models in half or even lower discount for consumer panic buying, single models the maximum discount amount up to 162 thousand and 900 yuan; Chrysler – Guide, free light, Dodge Charger three classic models launched the "0 yuan seckill"; Dongfeng off – scene 330, hippocampus -S7 participated in the "1 yuan auction".


day, consumers can also "copy price" – buy Guangqi Honda Odyssey, Shanghai general Chevrolet Kopacz, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda – the new Octavia and other popular models, and have the opportunity to obtain the right to use a year Jaguar -XE. In addition to the rich variety of models and also provides BITAUTO panic buying, thousand yuan fuel card, Iphone6, phone card, customer service service vouchers and other rich gifts, to ensure that consumers get the maximum discount.

with rich and mature business models and products, flexible payment methods, low prices, Madden activities, diversified services, easy to become Chinese consumers online Car Buying preferred. Since mid October 11.11 BITAUTO "Car Buying Carnival" warm-up activities since the line, continued to hit, as of now has attracted nearly 5 million people to join the army to grab the car.

official said, has been the strong support of the domestic automobile manufacturers and distributors of the activities of the preparatory process, the car will also be invested over ten million subsidy for the user, so that consumers enjoy the car business brings convenience and benefits.

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