The electronic commerce gave birth to new food restaurant

financial crisis led to the development of domestic e-commerce, more and more consumer habits from the rich network of resources, complete their own procurement of basic necessities of life. The first is the "hunger breeds discontentment".

we can not buy cosmetics, do not buy clothes, do not buy shoes, do not buy electrical appliances, but we can not do without eating, because those we will OVER. Visible, for all mankind, the catering industry is a very important industry, for our daily life is indispensable. In the face of the development of e-commerce era, the catering industry net has become inevitable.

input ordering network "in the search engine, you can see tens of thousands of information, a comprehensive national cuisine; have as a whole; local properties; dining cuisine book; even with the trend of the group purchase ordering etc.. The following is a look flowers blooming like a piece of brocade performance, with net ordering problems.

with the traditional catering industry, online meal ordering has the following characteristics:

: with the advantages of telephone ordering compared to consumers themselves under the orders of accuracy, address and telephone number of the higher; met office area is not convenient telephone orders, can be operated; even if several colleagues point different cuisines of different shops, you can easily fix, don’t need more phone; of course, there are phone charges the objective existence of the advantage.

disadvantages: for most consumers, ordering network credibility and the quality of food doubts; operation is not convenient, need to pay in advance is worse; the limited scope and speed of delivery is not timely; the food hygiene and quality has little confidence.

from the current classification of network ordering, ordering network can be divided into 2 types:

mouse plus cement – self built kitchen

mouse and specialized intermediaries do errands. Among them, there are subdivided into ‘only to build the platform’ and ‘package delivery logistics’ 2.

now this 2 pattern has been in such a situation, some platforms would not profit compression to businesses, to build their own kitchen, and as the size of the dining predators are less willing to put profits to the platform, so the self built logistics and website.

either: "mouse plus cement" or "mouse plus errands", is currently the most difficult to let the consumer satisfaction is the diet consumption habits.

data show that although the domestic online meal ordering service in KFC does not belong to the front, but for now the point of view of the network business data, but better than the net ordering, one of the main reasons is that as the dining habits, everyone’s standards are different, it is difficult to make a standard in taste, but as KFC, although the food is not much, standardization degree is quite high, therefore, to adapt to the electronic commerce project standardization principle.

in addition, as the domestic reservation network, the main profit in advertising and commission form, in more and more catering giant glimpse.

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