Why Jobs and have chosen COO as successor

Ballmer out before the weekend sends their outgoing mail messages in public, big guy said it was a "sad and difficult" decision "for the interests of the company, he decided to transfer power to a" can play a role in the long-term transformation of Microsoft in CEO". At the same time, he also said that he was prepared to be more than half of the time in the transformation of Microsoft and then leave, but has no better time than now, say goodbye. Wall Street responded positively, Microsoft shares rose homeopathy 9%, since Q2 released earnings decline sweep.

33 years of faithful service is that the capital market not worth the money, the result is cruel. Sina and colleagues turned out big hard sell Windows video advertising on TV, the expression of respect for the veteran. There are also media moved out of Jobs quotes, said the sales leader in technology companies are disastrous, different from the technical staff, they never know the situation". However, it is always the right Jobs, firmly put the origin of the operation of the front desk of Cook.

Ballmer in the mail about his contribution to Microsoft, to avoid the stock price, but referred to the surge in Microsoft sales. Looking back at Ballmer’s 13 years of leadership, the picture is very clear. In the case of continued weakness in shares, Microsoft’s sales doubled two times. This is why although Ballmer criticized, but the board has no reason to fire the stubborn CEO. At the same time, Ballmer has an inspired passage such as the acquisition of Skype and Xbox, the game’s success. Ballmer, the biggest flaw is unable to complete the transition to the mobile terminal. At the same time, critics believe that Ballmer failed to lead Microsoft in desktop computing, cloud computing and business services have significant innovation.

"no innovation" is also Apple’s current CEO Cook has received the most criticism succession. The supply chain for apple made distinctions won in battle before COO and took office after Apple’s sales doubled, he served as each generation of iPhone sales, has obtained the sum before the sales of iPhone. Resourceful Cook also persuaded Foxconn to improve the treatment of workers China, help Apple removed the "do not pay attention to Chinese market" label, including "customer service discrimination" and "iPhone shock" after the incident, Apple released a new policy for the first time China consumers. The latest news shows that apple and China Mobile reached an agreement, the world’s largest operators began to sell its seven hundred million users iPhone.

capital markets on the same account, known to break $1000 of Apple’s stock price fell below $400 two years ago. Apple was pulled from the market value of the first throne. Jobs’s last years, every year, new products to market surprises. Consumers have taken this surprise as a habit. However, many people ignore, Jobs published in 2001 after the iPod also silent for many years, during the time of the Apple Corp’s policy >

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