Electricity supplier Festival made frequent, Carnival under the pain

in a history of "double eleven" highest turnover of 91 billion 200 million, Tmall is not idle, going to the "double 12" is also engaged in the promotion to stimulate consumer desire to buy, and then in 2016 January, Ali will hold the "Taobao special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", it is the country’s largest business platform, and in addition to Ali, other electricity providers such as vip.com’s "suning.com 128", "818" overseas shopping festival, the "black five", and the coming Christmas, Valentine’s Day… Close to the end of this period of time, many promotional activities to let consumers have leisure. But the electricity supplier to create so many sections really necessary?

making Festival, whether it is offline shopping malls, or online electricity supplier, it is necessary, in order to stimulate consumer demand. Appropriate to stimulate consumer demand, stimulate domestic GDP growth, if Taobao ten years ago that the number of businesses now most of them have become "upstart", so popular in the business, and today’s intense competition, business is not so good to do so, the festival also made frequent in reason ". In the festival to consumers "Carnival" at the same time, also emerged a lot of pain points.

pain point one: consumers irrational consumption

take the "double 11", in the month of preheating, a variety of promotions, send coupons, minus the full picture continue to stimulate consumer impulse spending, the subtext "I very affordable, you buy buy buy, rational consumers may buy according to the actual situation of their own needs, or store goods, the year to use the things on this day all buy; hand chop party, in addition to buy their own goods may be used, may also buy a bunch of stuff, the subtext: anyway, cheap, first bought it, if in the future to restore the original price of regret…

many consumers in the face of various price temptation, easy to produce consumer impulse, when the rational regression, and a bunch of return and replacement; so for consumers, this kind of irrational consumption, the essence is a waste, a waste of time and money (or return postage, if suspected trouble is the pressure on the bottom.), and energy (expected value).

pain point two: consumer demand, economic double weak

this year "double 11" after the word "popular online began to eat the earth", the majority of consumers in the day is ahead of overdraft consumption, it seems to buy are bought, so double 12, double the next (Christmas and new year) and Taobao may have special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, the consumer shopping panic buying passion.

three pain points: none other businesses selling single brush??


is the brand of holiday promotions allow businesses to get a lot of exposure, however, on the one hand is the platform in order to seize market share, to let the pressure on businesses; business exception in order not to lose market share also need substantial profit, in this case, businesses may result to do, Pseudomonas brush, is looking for people to buy their products, so as not to lose too much, or direct sale of inferior goods, defective products, "

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