The field of electronic commerce China competition intensified to accelerate the elimination of smal

Beijing, Ji’nan in November 18, (Chen Qingfang) "the merger is the inevitable trend of future development of Chinese e-commerce, small network operators will face the challenge of survival", 2011 China Electronic Commerce held here on 18, the growth of the forum, industry experts to "Taobao new regulations" for the case, to reach a consensus on the future direction of the development of e-commerce.

in 2010 China’s online shopping scale reached 498 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social zero reached. Since 2011, China’s online retail market is still hot, the one or two quarter online shopping were $162 billion, $179 billion 200 million, an increase of 89.10%, respectively, an increase of. Online shopping popular at the same time, industry competition is becoming increasingly intense.

Chinese national Ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center deputy director Xu Min believes that the current development of electronic commerce China is not only a means of exchange, and has become an important part of modern life, but its development also has many problems, the future direction of the development of e-commerce are discussed such as the "Tao Baoxin rule" event.

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mall general manager Xie Zhixiang believes that e-commerce will eventually to sales of high-end direction, small network operators in the process of being eliminated is inevitable. At the same time, he also believes that the "new Taobao" approach is a "turn", and not to the development of small and medium sized network operators leave "breathing" chance encounter challenges in future development of small business.


" new rule ‘formulation is actually increased the threshold for online sales, on the network and will not have much impact, mainly for small and medium business hit relatively large, may eventually lead to small and medium business due to funding strand breaks and withdraw from the market." Qilu shangmeng deputy leader Meng Li said at the forum.

October 10, 2011, Asia’s largest Internet retailer Taobao mall officially announced the upgrade business management system, making the "Taobao new regulations", from the beginning of 2012 the annual fee will be charged to merchants from the current 6000 yuan per year to 30 thousand yuan or 60 thousand yuan two tranches, while increasing the other merchant breaches on consumer compensation rate. "New regulations" after the enactment of lead to small network of sellers groups "protest", highlighting the network competition in the field of electronic commerce size type, the development of electronic commerce China entered the labor transition.

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