Automotive electricity supplier polarization new car hard to buy second-hand car parallel rise

[Abstract] car is difficult to play a real advantage, dealers monopoly is the status of the law, the electricity supplier is actually anti traditional channels, and manufacturers and dealers are interdependent relationship, not for car business interest.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on August 4th

is difficult to be leveraging the line electricity supplier for many years, the OCS process has been slow to car sales. However, if the former electric cars only stay in the brand marketing and collect the potential customer stage, then with BAT giants and 58 market Internet Co have incoming, electric cars gradually open up the situation has become a hot field of entrepreneurship.

yesterday, second-hand car trading platform for all car announced Tencent led a $85 million C round of financing, C2C trading patterns and capital market is gradually recognized, previously, the car is easy to shoot, shoot excellent letter and other start-up companies have begun to shift to the end consumer, second-hand car buyers for the station has already started.

in addition to second-hand car electricity supplier, the domestic parallel import car market is also rapidly hot up. In the "buy the car" announced the completion of financing billion yuan, another business sea Amoy car network network also announced the day before by tens of millions of dollars in financing, valuation of $200 million.

relative to the peace of the used car, the development of new car electricity supplier is still not so smooth. The main reason is that the network trading platform is difficult to break the original 4S store sales system." Du Xiyong, vice president of all vehicles, said Tencent science and technology interview.

however, Tencent invested BITAUTO, all cars, Baidu investment and letter, Ali will integrate the second-hand car trading platform and the local car service business, the establishment of Ali automobile group; in addition to the BAT big three, 58 city and go to the market in the development of second-hand car business, more entrepreneurial companies into the field of automotive electricity supplier. The market really broke or is not far away.

new business: hard

currently on the market the new business model there are two major categories, one is the brand electricity supplier, namely car brands do, but there are problems left and Bo and traditional channels; the other is the platform electricity supplier, Tmall, easy car, car home, Jingdong and other platforms are involved in.

due to various reasons, new car sales business development is relatively slow, a hard row to hoe".

Du Xiyong of the Tencent of science and technology, the car manufacturer, the vast majority of new car sales are to be borne by the 4S shop, online trading platform of the new resources is very difficult to fix, especially the best-selling models, therefore it is very difficult to break the traditional car sales system.

in spite of this, the new electricity supplier in the field are also many attempts.

last year, BITAUTO internal split two a new team to do business platform "easy car mall" and "benefit car, automobile manufacturers and dealers were docking marketing needs. At that time, in the actual operation situation about the two platform, BITAUTO President Shao Jingning.

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