B2C mall to do ten aspects of internal optimization must see (on)

now B2C mall site more and more, but on the whole this kind of site SEO work to grasp the basic two points, one is included in the problem, two is the weight distribution problem. Some of the larger sites, there are good external links, but also a good weight, but included is not ideal, which will directly affect the site’s traffic and conversion rate. Of course, the goal of the site is different, different marketing methods to optimize the approach is often different, but in general, the small and medium-sized webmaster, the site to do a reasonable internal optimization is still a lot of similar features. Today, I share with you my views, hoping to help webmaster friends.

promotion page on the link: Generally speaking, the product page weight is the smallest in the entire site, but for many B2C sites, the real purchase page belongs to the product page, so it is a part of the product page to focus on the promotion, the need for better ranking in search engines. These pages may be the latest products, there may be the most profitable products, or some of the main products, all want to get better ranking, want to be more users to search, the best is to rely on internal links. Under normal circumstances, the recommended product page links on the home page, even if there is no other import links, then the ranking of these pages will be significantly improved.

shielding unnecessary links: for many B2C class website, there are many links above need to use nofollow shield off. Perhaps these pages are very helpful to the user, but standing on the SEO perspective, these pages will transfer the weight of the link, it is necessary to use nofollow shield off, prohibit the spider crawl. For example, the "contact us" and "registration page", "privacy policy", and these links are ZhengZhan links, is not a small waste on site weight. The common solution is to link these links only on the home page, other pages are not placed or directly nofollow off.

let the key columns included in many B2C website will be the product classification, but the classification is not normally included, some of the key section of the two directories often included is not sufficient, because the search engine is similar for each column distribution spidering depth and time, but because these key columns more products, so the spider crawling up, will lead to incomplete collection. The best solution is to improve the overall weight of key columns, so that it can drive the product page increased, on the front page of the navigation or the side of the list, try to do more of the import link to the section of the two directory.

page University Q: product is a feature of the mall site, so it will lead to more paging. Some products need to click on the page to be able to reach, leading to the majority of web pages will not be included. To solve the multi product multi page, the most important of the two aspects, one is to replace the existing page mode, for example, is now the pattern on a page, the next page, or 1-10 digital model, modified double digital page, as far as possible to ensure that the product page and home page at least.