Mobile terminal price was lower than the PC end of the electricity supplier, made the first rise aft

electricity supplier, making the festival, the price and after-sales service should be guaranteed.

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in June 18th, "cut the hand ranks? It is reported that this year’s 6· 18 of the electricity supplier made" holiday "is no longer a Jingdong store anniversary, including Tmall,,, Gome, platforms such as the means to provide promotional feast to the net friend. However, the electricity supplier Carnival behind, the habit has not changed, still exist "gaming" trick consumers.


" is almost a single brush ‘electricity supplier unspoken rule in order to improve the performance, impulse and mobile terminal proportion, electricity providers continue to play trick." Insiders said Zhang Yi, this year 18 6· the State Administration for Industry and Commerce banned the first rise again "the phenomenon still exists.

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Guangyan

prices first rose again "


suddenly found previously sold 54 yuan of yogurt, the price rose to $96." About a week before June 18th, has been through the Jingdong mall to buy German imports of yogurt Ms. Wong found that sellers suddenly raise prices. She asked the seller to understand, in order to prepare for Jingdong 6· 18 anniversary, to raise the price in the day and then price promotions. The seller suggested Ms. Wong, 6· 18 the same day to buy a few boxes.

coincidentally, Ms. Huang also found a few pieces of clothing has been the focus of the price. The seller also told her to cooperate with Jingdong’s anniversary activities, so try to focus on the demand to 6· 18 the same day.

MS Wong said, "usually you can buy cheap, but to the nodes’ first rose more", this is not to deceive consumers? "

Mr. Zhang

love of digital products with parity plugin discovered the trick. As long as the mouse moved to the product page, you can automatically show the price trend of the commodity within six months, as well as the major electricity supplier with the same product offer. Among them, a 6· 18 price of $899 of goods, a few days ago to raise the price of $999, about two months to sell the goods have been $899.

PC terminal price was 700 yuan

careful readers may see 6· the 18 day, the Jingdong store "record" report is: with the whole world a single volume last year grew by more than 100% 6· 18; from a single volume of mobile terminals accounted for the overall single volume ratio is about 1/4. Among them, the Jingdong mobile client in 6· 18 downloads outstanding performance in the apple App Store China free list ranked fifth, ranking first in the life class.

According to industry sources, in the era of mobile Internet users will migrate to the mobile terminal users, customized decision of the future of life and death strategy

. Therefore, in the PK electricity supplier, making the day sales growth, increase in the volume of orders, the increase of the mobile terminal >