Jingdong mall and then exposed speed door ills user experience repeatedly questioned

speed transit network August 25th news industry experts and focus on e-commerce chiefs have repeatedly said that the pros and cons of the user experience is directly related to the site’s own brand marketing value. Will the user experience in the first place, become one of the key factors of e-commerce website success. However, according to reporter observation, said and do not keep the same pace.

this morning, Zhang, to speed transit network reporter, she Jingdong on Monday in the mall to buy a LCD TV, has not received the goods, call the customer service in more than 6 times, still did not receive the goods. Jingdong customer service said, what can not guarantee, can not guarantee the time, but also can not find courier.

  Jingdong Baidu mall Post Bar ciccas (speed transit network plan)

Zhang told reporters speed transit network, Jingdong mall to bring her trouble is not the first time. Last month, she paid in advance for a water heater in the Jingdong store, want to honor their parents as a gift, and in order to service Jingdong when repeatedly stressed: "old age, hope can be door-to-door delivery". Ms. Zhang told reporters, the Jingdong’s customer service was mankoudaying. But the reality and the original commitment gap: "adhere to send express upstairs, my father a man came to my house four floor, almost to flash."

Ms. Zhang said, she thought had "refused delivery" was just an accident, but did not expect this order TV about more serious problems: "I played less than 6 times the phone yesterday, again, I ask them (Jingdong customer service) this morning to give me a reply, but now I have not received any reply.".

"the first three promises they made were that they would have been delivered to me last Sunday." Ms. Zhang is very helpless, the TV is sent from Beijing to Beijing, which is the city transport: according to their argument, last Saturday, last Sunday, this Monday and Tuesday, the goods on the road sent 4 days, not to."

in the customer service where there is no reasonable explanation, Ms. Zhang helpless under the Jingdong customer service delivery courier company phone: I think, simply call yourself to find the courier coordination time. Jingdong customer service did not expect that they are not responsible for contact, but also can not contact the courier."

Ms. Zhang told reporters, in this case, she can only be the "ultimatum" to the Jingdong: "I asked the customer service, what time can give me the answer, what time can be sent to." Jingdong customer service to make Ms. Zhang difficult to accept: they say, nothing can not guarantee. Can not guarantee the time, but also can not find couriers, can only help me to hurry on the road goods." Ms. Zhang told reporters that she would not buy the goods Jingdong, originally only for convenience and save time, but now wasted a lot of time and energy.

speed transit network reporter in the understanding of the situation of Ms. Zhang, then log on Jingdong mall Baidu post bar, found that the complaint of the post almost occupied the entire paste