The operation on breakdown of Ali for SNS providers


With the continuous increase of mobile Internet users and PC

online time of stagnation, more and more people began to believe that the mobile Internet has come. In the future development of Internet products, only based on the mobile platform to produce a desired chemical effect. And this is obviously a lot of technology giants to develop their own products, the main point of thinking. The most obvious is the realization of Ali to the layout of its mobile platform, UC mobile technology holdings, Sina acquisition of micro-blog, and the opening of the development of micro Amoy and other mobile social products, and these measures have been interpreted as the industry friends for the preparation of SNS business.

SNS electricity supplier where the meaning of


in fact, now we have been talking about a problem, the ecological system that is how to use the current mobile platform to create a closed, in this ecosystem, the user can not jump out will be able to enjoy shopping, entertainment, leisure, friends and other functions, which is clearly the most ideal nowadays hot products of WeChat on behalf of. So, we can see Ali at this point in order to meet their own development needs, all can start looking for Ali duplication extension products, as is in the future can be a mechanism of vertical flow of these products directly into Ali, which will solve the mobile Internet traffic, praised the embarrassing scene.


now Ali change, can be said to be caught in the user’s needs, not only mastered the UC transition from PC to mobile search product platform most orthodox, also found in the popular social products of micro-blog’s help, from the point of view of possible mobile consumer demand for comprehensive cover users. In fact, Ali do is to make the product to Ali in the new era of every hour and moment around the corner, because in a sense, is the social electricity supplier docking SNS supplier to do is big data user resources and fast service, through social networking marketing or promotion, and services into consumers in my mind.

Why does

need to socialize to the electricity supplier shopping guide?

in my opinion, now the psychological needs of the consumers has changed a great deal, not only is a shopping guide, but into an active demand model, as described in the blog as a power, the environment of popular media in society, consumer behavior has not only rely on businesses to provide products and sales, they are more inclined to listen to his friends and other users of the consumer advice. Therefore, the micro Amoy, micro-blog Ali and other events can not be understood, Taobao needs to be more reference, to achieve accurate conversion of traffic, and thus maximize profits.

step by step to achieve the social electricity supplier of Taobao, where the future difficulties?

but now that things have been analyzed, we have a problem that needs to be solved

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