24 hours sold 2000 arts group together top art brand play community electricity supplier

recently, world-renowned top art brand "curious" grand launch of the new limited edition — no umbrella. In the past, the difference between the online high-end store sales practice is strange to choose an art class from the media platform for pre-sale. Did not think it was sold out 24 hours. This makes the strange founder, the famous sculptor Qu Guangci shocked and delighted.


is the sculpture containing "couple golden" is the highest, Qu and Xiang Jing founded the "curious" brand always is taking the high-end, art, fine line. Not only to attract a large number of iron or a strange star, can represent China art brand, renowned overseas.


Beckham picked

as the princess seven rare gift

and the hot "umbrella" is a strange transformation, even the pre-sale platform is also the first attempt in the domestic first class public number 798 hand-painted art net ". Unexpectedly, 2000 umbrellas in 24 hours quickly sold out.

"thanks 798 hand-painted net buddies, today you surprise, in less than three hours sold more than and 500" not unusual umbrella ". I have observed many media regressed donghonghong many fans, I think the game is to be converted to a business model, but not when Tian Yu first and I chatted about the time, their 798 hand-painted network model I know, I want to work I would throw them from the media is I want to find the. Thank you."


at 12:16 on April 15th, Mr. Qu Guangci excitedly in his circle of friends to update such a state. The 2000 umbrella and sold billions of dollars worth of the top artist recognized, rounded off the top art and art of painting from the media alliance.


"small is not small, together."

Qu Guangci said the "798 hand-painted network" is the art class from the media is the first large, domestic mobile education share many art art group’s first large platform. In 2014, adhering to the concept of "everything from the most sincere sharing", 798 hand-painted WeChat public platform in a short span of two years to gather more than 1000000 art lovers, got more than 15000000 Art Alliance user support. The huge base of art lovers constitute a good artistic atmosphere, thus launched homeopathy art education brand V online course (V-LESSON), V film, offline activity and a series of mobile Internet art community ecology, became the first through the mobile terminal to the art education sharing platform. Current art

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