Pig CMS electricity supplier to fight a small program on the line

"father of WeChat" Zhang Xiaolong every appearance, are eight earthquake, spread across the country, occupying the big head. In December 28, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class made it clear that in January 9th 17, a small program will be officially launched, and answered all the questions, let the users have a more clear understanding of the concrete program.


said that if WeChat to determine small program time to market, to produce a chemical reaction is weak and slow for you, a little excited provocative factor, make you excited and a little anxious, so [pig fight small program has been on-line business] information will be able to produce chemical reaction, strong fast to you, in your heart opened up a brilliant fireworks.

after all, the majority of businesses are still ignorant of forced state, the development of small programs themselves is not finished, but you can direct all the direct use of the (nice to have a message about it quickly ~ ~, the mood at the moment!!).

and WeChat small programs, pig small program has a "mission to fight electricity properties without having to install, at your fingertips, and go out, no need to uninstall".

and APP class collage service compared to


and APP class fight groups compared to services using fight groups of small procedures, users simply scan the code or search, you can get the service mission to fight, no need to download and install, also do not need to uninstall after use, greatly simplify the fight to use the program, simple and convenient.

and relying on the public number of collage

and rely on the existence of the public number of WeChat fight group compared to fight a small group of procedures do not need to be like the public number, we should first pay attention to understand its services. Run away, in the future when the user does not need, do not have to accept the news of its push.

applet to achieve a similar PC era of the site’s real direct service functions. Quietly, without disturbing the user, when the user needs, you can sweep into the services they need. Reduce the user contact service process, the business can be directly displayed in front of the service group, the service online. Do not disturb the small group of small program services to give users a better shopping experience.

In addition to

, there are

in addition to the above two points, in the fight in the development of small procedures, the pig business also upgraded the fight mode, we can see the fight small program will be a new mission to fight mode, to protect the interests of the business platform and to the maximum extent, also let users get a better spell material group purchase experience.

first, the fight to increase the purchase of goods. Each of the participants will have the maximum shopping limit, not as much as they would like to buy before. The increase in the purchase, in the case of group discount promotions, to maximize the protection of the interests of businesses, to avoid a large number of malicious acts of buying.


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