Taobao malicious brush damage to rival goodwill, was sentenced to sin

this year, 34 year old Qin Yunfei (a pseudonym) did not expect, in the chaos of Taobao single brush, will bring a jail for themselves.

April 2014, he is the number of the Taobao shop owner, engaged in the business of similarity detection, in order to gain advantage in the competition ", he hired a college student Jin Huaiyuan (a pseudonym) to another shop on more than 1500 single brush pen, then" flash "return. Soon, Taobao official tracking of such false transactions, then the search for the right to cut down the shop goods.

this kind of punishment and the "ban" is to shop business competitors. In May of that year, the loss of the shop to the public security organs to the police, and Jin Huaiyuan were detained in the criminal detention. After December 18, 2015, Yuhuatai District of Nanjing city procuratorate prosecution, Yuhuatai District People’s court two commits the crime of sabotaging production and business operation, and investigate the criminal liability.

Qin, Jin two people believe that their behavior does not constitute a crime, only a single brush behavior, then appealed to the Nanjing intermediate people’s court. December 27, 2016, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court sentenced to maintain the conviction of two people.

In this case the trial judge Wang Ruiqiong

and Taobao responsible to surging news ( said that the malicious scalping behavior of these two people, is the first to destroy the production and operation of the crime in the criminal case, this case has a demonstration effect on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintaining market order, honest and trustworthy to purify the market environment.

malicious brush 1500 pen

the verdict, Beijing Department of science and Technology Co., the number of teeth on November 2013 in registered "PaperPass paper pass online store, in the similarity detection. Shop by the company Nanjing branch of the Nanjing science and technology company responsible for the operation of specific opsigenes.

of second instance trial judge Wang Ruiqiong told news reporters surging, whether through college graduation thesis plagiarism detection rate, each university graduates major concern, so the similarity detection with a large market. In this case, Taobao is 1 yuan / single shop price per unit for customers detection thesis of 1000 words.

April 2014, the same business operations in the Taobao shop in Qin Yunfei, to defeat the competitor, hired and directed by Jin Huaiyuan, many times to the same account in the PaperPass paper pass shop brush.

the court verified, the early morning of April 18th at Shanxi Huaiyuan 120 brush pen. Four days later (on the morning of April 22nd) directed the brush brush Huaiyuan Jin 385. A day later (in the early morning of April 23rd), and directed the defendant Jin Huaiyuan brush 1000 pen. Total brush 1505 pieces of goods.

Wang Ruiqiong analysis, "the same person took 1000 pieces of merchandise in a day, that is to say, the customer should be tested on a 100 word dissertation, which is obviously not.

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