Home textile industry electricity supplier platform against unfair competition in the first case in

the morning of September 20, 2011, Anna Carolina prosecution of cases of unfair competition in the Beijing Haidian District people’s court in the second trial, the textile industry of anti unfair competition in the first case again caused the concern in silence after a year. In the trial, fuanna still insist on the first trial of all claims, mainly for the Carolina textile and Shanghai luolali common tort liability, and compensation for economic losses of five hundred thousand yuan, and bear the responsibility to eliminate the influence of. The Carolina attorney Court acknowledged the infringement, and expressed willingness to court to fuanna apologize, but denied it belongs to malicious acts of trademark infringement, refusing other compensation behavior. Since the original defendant, large differences between the two sides, the case was not in court for sentencing.

it is reported that the origin of the dispute on September 2009, search input "fuanna" column in Google Chinese, the search results in the first place is "buy fuanna, to LOVO, and enter the WWW directly to the. Lovo. Com. The LOVO is the home to build the electronic commerce platform, according to the website information, the site belongs to the Department of Limited by Share Ltd. This time, China Textile Association to come forward to coordinate, and then Roley home textile really cancel the relevant links for some time.

however, shortly after October 28th, Anna found the search "Anna" three characters in Google, the search results in the first column of the "Anna, the ninety percent off link was again pointing into the Carolina textile and its subsidiaries business website. This is based on network technology, similar to the keyword hijacking is the image of many users of the Internet as a metaphor for rogue links". Fuanna that Carolina textile implementation of trademark infringement and unfair competition, the court was told.

, according to informed sources, the prosecution again fuanna Carolina, because had been busy after the listing matters, and was used by the textile industry association regulation failed. Beijing City Jia fuanna attorney law firm jingcan lawyer told reporters, "this trial, Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd. to submit three copies of materials to the court, the court investigation evidence materials for the Carolina textile infringement and unfair competition provides strong evidence, one is in the Carolina textile hotlinking during the misleading link to get traffic. The other two are Carolina in a series of services purchased Google promotion position account and billing information, account information display of the paying party is "Shanghai luolali ‘, rather than a personal account. This shows that "hotlinking incident" belongs to the company, the basic rule of the personal behavior may."

, according to incomplete statistics, at least by LOVO website including fuanna, Meng Jie, Kasen and other 13 home textile enterprises in brand promotion, misleading consumers, for network traffic, improve Rowley in e-commerce platform sales. The first half of the performance of the two companies recently announced that on 2011, Carolina textile achieved total revenue of 1 billion 3 million yuan, operating profit of 162 million yuan; fuanna operating income 610 million yuan, net profit of 8 thousand and 600 yuan.


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