The dream may repeatedly need not have electricity supplier Wanda electricity supplier


, can be said to be a genuine Nouveau riche. Founded in 1988, has been involved in commercial real estate, senior hotels, cultural tourism and chain stores four core industries. The latest data show that Wanda in the country has more than and 100 Wanda Plaza, more than and 50 star hotel and 142 Star Cinema five. This is a commercial predators, often dream power suppliers.

crashed again Wanda electricity supplier

news from the media, said Wanda electricity supplier CEO Dong policy has officially quit, Wanda official has confirmed the news. This took office only 11 months CEO Dong policy so hastily left, causing a lot of speculation outside. Since 2012, the establishment of three years of Wanda electricity supplier for the CEO and the of the two COO.

executives frequently change the entire industry to Wanda electricity supplier, impression is very clear: one is the newly established Wanda electricity supplier called out "2 million annual salary to recruit talents" slogan; two is the last joint Baidu Tencent 5 billion to set up a new electricity supplier company. Now it seems that these two messages just brush the sense of presence. Three years, Wanda electricity supplier in addition to the line on the two sites, there is no real landing action.

executive office by month, reflected in the business operation of the Wanda electricity failure, which to some extent also reflects Wanda electricity supplier in the field of The climate does not suit one. Prior to a Wanda electricity supplier executives left a large number of brain drain, leading directly to the electricity supplier business stalled. There are media statistics, Wanda electricity supplier turnover rate of over 50%. The new CEO Dong policy turnover, indicates that Wanda electricity supplier business crashed again.

has teamed up with Wanda set up a new electricity supplier company Baidu and Tencent, has been in their respective distribution business. This year, Jingdong 6.18 promotional conference, Tencent has become an important entrance. Jingdong layout online O2O at the same time, Tencent is also actively cooperate with traditional retailers layout O2O, launched WeChat shopping. Reliable sources said the Tencent is with the Wangfujing department store and WeChat shopping in Wuhan to discuss the project.

at the same time, Baidu is also relying on the original Baidu map location query and push service, the introduction of Baidu mall brand of the line shop, the online user into the next line transactions. Currently, Baidu mall brand mall is attracting investment.

initially Baidu, Tencent and Wanda set up a new electricity supplier company, many people in the industry believe that this cooperation is difficult to long. Tencent and Baidu recent action in the field of electricity providers, as well as Wang Jianlin and Baidu on the development of technology products only give opinions on complaints, enough to support the fact that Wanda electricity supplier business frustrated.

Wanda may not need electricity supplier

Wanda electricity supplier why is always frustrated on the discussion, there are too many online, the view is nothing more than a genetic problem of traditional enterprise transformation, as well as Wanda electricity supplier model is not the reason. Extreme point, Wanda electricity supplier is the crux of the huge Wanda does not need electricity supplier >

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