Electricity supplier is electricity or business they count technology companies do


similar shops, different goods, such as electricity supplier is a science and technology enterprise


do not misunderstand, so it is not necessary to ask the electricity supplier downgrade to the traditional industry inside. Electricity supplier to change the shopping habits of an era, the best way to explain how science and technology people-oriented, and how people make this era is different from another era.

but, in addition to a way to sell all kinds of unexpected category, what can distinguish "business"? What is more important, the electricity supplier has technology and business model innovation power and space


I recently reported in the first half of the electricity supplier companies continue to interview more confused: I wrote last month to sell clothes that brand, and the shop selling cosmetics this week, what is the difference — even a slightly core business model or technology on


from a spectator point of view, the electricity supplier who is selling a variety of categories, mustering the strength of red sales, valued data outside customer price, conversion rate and repeat purchase rate etc.. Even if it is also classified "community business, return to the website design, product, logistics and flow, and also comprehensive electricity supplier similar.

of course, this judgment is very easy to attract do things carelessly refute: throughout the search, mobile phone, antivirus and video industry, which is not so? In the past few years, mobile phone manufacturers are not in the fight resolution, screen size and the number of cores


actually not. Mobile phone field, 2007 iPhone, in recent years, the popular App; high technical threshold search for Google (micro-blog) and Baidu (micro-blog) in the first position to occupy long-term Sino US search — and this is the power and value of technological innovation; in 2008 the rapid completion of the personal antivirus antivirus field free, subversion for more than ten years of charging mode; even the slow evolution of video industry, seven or eight years of rampant piracy broadcast has also begun to loosen.

in the past ten years, the electricity supplier and what changes?

mobile providers calculate a. Electricity providers will change the traditional way of information organization of the retail industry extends to the mobile terminal, as it had changed the PC end. Mobile payment is a good opportunity for electricity supplier technology innovation, but it is more likely that operators or third party payment company led.

voice shopping is an important step in the electricity supplier intelligent shopping, but is still in the testing phase. Speech recognition accuracy at the end of the phone has been very high, but popularity and popularity seems not ideal. This may not be enough to promote the factors, but also the problem of user habits. Especially in the PC side, the keyboard typing on the keyboard every day, people can tolerate the voice recognition software delay and recognition errors?

for the ashes of the online shopping family, the electricity supplier’s shopping experience in recent years, no doubt >