Entrepreneurs confession 20 years of entrepreneurial road and cherish

is the first self introduction, I am surnamed Xie, because dawn was born, a bright word. Xie Liang is simple and easy to remember. The idea to Shenzhen is also very simple, because from school to work along the way to Shenzhen so smooth, just want to eat bitter, hone myself and return to Tianjin. However, when I arrived in Shenzhen, I was deeply attracted by the charm of Shenzhen SAR, and rooted in Shenzhen.

came to Shenzhen by the end of 1993, in less than a year, the end of their career, with the accumulation of work resources to set up a design company, had served the investment fund, the 39 group and other large enterprises, has a good reputation in the website operation and business services; founded in January 2007. The network company, less than half the time, site users will reach tens of thousands of people, which also operates a vertical electricity supplier website and website. In early 2014, the establishment of the city of Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. will be willing to spend more than half a year, with the spirit of the craftsman to create a career in the first intelligent wearable device, the recent performance of the public to raise the site is not bad.

from the design to the network and then to the hardware, I can say that many industries across the border, but no matter what the industry, as long as I decided to start doing it, we will insist on doing it until success. Here to say a few experience, to share with me, like walking on the road of entrepreneurship.

a, team – from recruitment to training, difficult!

although 20 years have gone through a number of entrepreneurship, but the last time I learned a lot of entrepreneurship, but also let me learn a lot.

several times before the venture, you can say that I was half an expert in the industry, the technology itself can be picked up at the same time to train a group of newcomers, and slowly do it up. But in 2014 the smart wearable devices in team building, let me awake, awake at night.

hardware first thing is to recruit talent, to tell the truth, difficult. Training, I do not have the money and energy, there is no extra money, but also to recruit experienced engineers. After the recruitment of several, skelter, after the replacement.

began to recruit a 90, have relevant experience about this project is also very active, sometimes the good ideas will be shared with me, I was very pleased, and intends to nurture the young man, did not think over a period of time that he asked me to resign, the reason is don’t want to work overtime.

later I reflect on a lot, and I was born 70 years after 90 does have some gap, we the people pay more attention to the work, in order to work, can be hard to believe to pay only the light of day. But after 90 is not the same, they want to work in addition to their more leisure, entertainment time. This generation is growing up with the Internet, they need social, personality, personal interests are always the first.

we have a firmware project