The first year of the first year of the Millennium group war to explore the road of development

2010, Groupon brings heat wave across the Chinese Internet market. Tens of thousands of Internet elite and entrepreneurs, so that the site to buy explosive growth. The circle of the author, there are as many as three buy site. Data show that, due to the low threshold to buy the site, the profit model is clear, the country is about 3-5 per day to buy the site was born. This is bound to bring brutal competition in the market, there is no smoke of the thousand regiment war, will not set off a new round of industry reshuffle?

yes, quantitative qualitative change is inevitable. Buy is the second spike, a new means of promotion. Market in the further evolution and development process, it has gradually become a semi promotional, semi marketing means of business. This new change is not unexpected, but an inevitable trend.

buy platform to enter the threshold low. 35 people can be together, not let some holding a try, do not have absolute market grasp, on the way to ice muddy pool pool. Business with a small capital, small boat U-turn, but the "thousand group war" into a "thousand dogfight".

group purchase mode as a way of social division of labor in the online shopping market, just as the hundreds of millions of Internet users to bargain the Gunners, pushing hands and business promotion activities. Relying solely on Wumart cheap goods to improve the user viscosity, earn back, is not desirable. This will only make the consumer enjoy leading Jinling white-collar group purchase platform, slowly become ubiquitous market. Think carefully, although the farmers market takes on a life of fuel compared to supermarket, more clear.

is the product of C2C and B2C network group purchase in the crevice. The lack of strong technical strength, lack of good logistics, human rights, market supervision ability, choose the network group purchase, rather than the C2C mall; lack of strong financial support, product quality assurance, choose the group purchase network, and try to burn the B2C. After all, the world’s only one Ma, Jingdong mall is also a few. Often, the quality of service to buy the network, reputation, reputation, more factors in their choice of cooperative business. Dragons and fishes jumbled together commodity brand, level uneven distribution of businesses, how to handle the steady head. They have confidence with the merchant said, 100% consumer complaints, and zero case payment businesses related to the amount of


thousands of profit model is almost identical to the site, to obtain long-term stability of the development, to seek the development of differentiation within its industry is particularly important. Is also the front of the major buy site must do. The group renamed cosmetics B2C, 12dian in 20, launched the new site of the transformation of leisure food B2C. In the Changsha youth group (, the bright younger generation two big brother, abandon the practice of group purchase, began to explore the focus of the development route of a population difference.

thousand regiment war is gradually coming to an end. Ending the occasion, is the battle of. New group