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this section we focus on understanding what is Landing pages. Some people will think Landing pages is very complex, and in fact is not the case, Landing pages is the first page of your customers click on your ad after arrival, usually on this page only outgoing links, can let the customer through your affiliate link to the merchant’s website. Landing pages is different from a web site, Landing pages is just one of the pages of a website, it is your bridge to success.

Landing pages is very favorable for you to promote the products, can greatly improve the rate of return on your investment, you can through the Landing pages review a product, provide highly relevant information to your customers, let your customers don’t have to think about your promotion of whether a product is they need, and make them for the purchase of determination. For the use of the direct flow of traffic to the merchant site advertising forms, in many cases can not achieve good results.

has two forms of Landing pages works well. Comments on the style of the pages Landing contains comments on the product or service, industry information, product comparison and links to the merchant page of affiliate URL. Praise style Landing pages is usually the first person to write, of course, this type of Landing pages are basically Wangpo saying, puff, but the effect is very good. Such Landing pages are usually very similar to the Clickbank sales page.

Review Style Landing pagess

many pages are common and effective, the reason is very simple, for online shopping, people are keen on a page to find what they need, enough information, whether people buy things in the network or reality, all love goods more than three. If you can provide them with relevant products and quality reviews, so they won’t take the time to go to other sites of other products, in this case you can help them make the purchase of which products to.

an effective comment page is made up of several parts, each part of which is very important. The beginning of creativity and relevance is the first thing you need to catch the eye of the interviewer, which determines whether they are willing to take the time to stay on your site. If people come to your site to see a large text, but can not see any highlight or highlight text display, it is difficult to ensure that they will not immediately withdraw from your web page. Put the words of the user’s attention in the most eye-catching place, or highlight in the content, so that they can see at a glance, each of the key selling points

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