How to take the money from the user’s pocket (a)

this morning and a Beijing friends to chat when he asked me about the profitability of the site after the answer to my understanding of things into a few articles to communicate with you. On the Internet, read a lot of articles are written on how to profit, but most of them are about the alliance to take the money directly from users rarely write pocket so this title published some of my thoughts.

said the union is now the site rarely do not do the union, big to Sina small to individual stations are no exception. However, the development of the Internet over the past two years, the majority of the gradual decline of the alliance, such as the film alliance, SMS alliance, guide the registration of alliances, click on the league, etc.. In fact, these alliances are in a state of illness, regardless of its form, but there is a feature advertisers are not proportional to the money invested. He’s going to do it once, but next time no one is a fool. In the context of doing this, it is only a matter of time. In fact, if your website profit is built on the basis of the alliance is equal to life into the hands of others, like moving today I am not happy to rectify many SP and CP fell, of course, the most affected is webmaster, I do not know how many stations closed down because of it. In this case you will not operate in the company of your station will never do a lot of VC will not invest in this station. Now many owners have been confused can make money in addition to union is a union, I would like to be predicted there will be a lot of stand down this year, this year is the time to test the webmaster really capable, to see who can get the money from the pockets of the user, who can get who survived.

when it comes to the user money a lot of people have a headache, the first thought is to collect membership fee, fee. In fact, to the user money can be very elegant user even if you take the money out of his pocket in the so-called "rape of users in the invisible wallet". I give an example when you want to decorate the house as friends are anxious to find a good decoration master when I introduced you to a good price discount when you master skills must be very grateful to me, but you may not know me and decoration master is a business relationship, after the decoration master gave me some the smoke, decoration master also thanks my a customer to find him, you see I take the money and do a good man. We can put this pattern moved to the Internet, which is the site I like Xiamen decoration you have noticed that this process I never ask users to give me money, but I have another way to make a site no relationship between profit and alliances, looks simple, isn’t it? You may have a lot of questions, such as if you do not give me money? Or business and customer collusion pretend not to trade after the transaction? Or the customer is not necessarily to these questions I will answer please pay attention in the next to buy your product or service from the website and so on.

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